Mickey Mouse Tees From A Vending Machine, Anyone?

In case you need a Uniqlo T-shirt after the stores close, people.

Tea from a vending machine? How passé. How about tees instead? From April 10-16, you can buy Uniqlo T-shirts from six vending machines located outside the Uniqlo Orchard Central store at Level 1. The shirts are from the new Mickey Stands UT collection, which celebrates the iconic mouse's famous right-foot-pointing-up standing pose. There are four colours and two designs to choose from. 

Why buy from a vending machine when you can just buy from the store? The price, $14.90, is the same. Because it's FUN. Put in your moolah, and watch your tee fall with a satisfying plop into the dispenser. And besides, you never know if you'll need a change of clothes after the stores close (we're thinking curry accident, leaky pens, getting wet in the rain...). Plus, these vending machines are only available in Singapore. Win! 

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