Update: Ikea Singapore just announced that the red hot Ikea Markerad collection from Virgil Abloh will be retailing in stores from October 31, even ahead of the US's Nov 1 launch. Mark your calendars and read this story to know the items to run straight for. 

Do you need a rug that looks like an Ikea receipt on your living room floor? If the answer is "yes", you need to make a beeline for an Ikea store the minute this collection launches in Singapore. Anticipation is "red hot" and "sky high" for this collab, which sees Virgil Abloh, the founder of insanely popular luxury streetwear label Off-White and artistic direction of LV's menswear collection, putting his signature quirky street art touches and iconic quotation marks on Ikea furniture and home accessories.

The 15-piece collection launches in the US on Nov 1, and while release dates for Singapore are yet to be announced, we suspect it will be around the same time, and that the collection will only be available in the two Ikea stores here, and not online, limited probably to one piece per design per customer.

Here's your first look at the capsule collection.

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