How To Pick Specs That Fit Your Face

50 shades and none of them fit? Here're 5 tips on how to pick eyewear for Asian faces.

Those squarish Ray-Ban Wayfarers — they’re so cool. Sadly, if you're Asian, they won’t sit very well on your face, unless you’re one of those who have a high nose bridge and ang moh-ish features. Here are five tips on how to pick the right eyewear.  

Classic Ray-Ban Wayfarers may not be the best pick for you if you've got typically Asian features, but there's hope. Ray-Ban has come up with an evolved Wayfarer that is much friendlier to Asian faces (see below). 

Frames with nose pieces fit all. Nose pieces are the little pads that prop up eyewear on our faces. Most Asians have flat and low noses, and the nose pieces keep the frames from sliding down our faces. Most metal frames have nose pieces, so these would fit well on any kind of face.

prada model pic
In this image from Luxottica's Class of 2016 campaign, which elevates glasses to fashion accessory, so-hip-it-hurts model Mae Lapres is wearing a metal-framed specimen from Prada with nose pieces, which are perfect for Asian faces. 

Plastic frames aren’t suitable for Asians. Still, there are redeeming features. Sadly, fashionable acetate or plastic frames don’t do well on Asian faces. They usually have no nose pieces, as they’re made for Caucasian faces with high nose bridges. However, there’s a solution — pay about $60 to install nose pieces on your plastic frames. Your optician usually gets a third-party contractor to do this.

 Big superstar shades aren’t good. The bigger the shades, the more likely they’ll touch the cheekbones, as Asians have flatter nose bridges. You’ll get a mark on your cheeks, but at least you’ll look cool until you take your shades off.

 Asian Fit frames save the day. Fortunately, there are now more brands offering Asian fit eyewear — this means their frames either have nose pieces, or their acetate frames have Asian-friendly features. These include a smaller distance of 18-20mm between the nose bridge (the two pieces that stick out of the plastic frames). If the distance is too wide, the frames will slide down Asian faces. Another feature is to make the frames slightly wider, as Asians have rounder faces. Some brands even go as far as to make two fits for certain models — one for Caucasians and one for Asians. Look for an A or J after the model number on the handles (also referred to as the temple).

new wayfarer
Hooray, Wayfarers that fit: Say hello to the Ray-Ban RB2448N series, which is available in Asian fit. The original squared Wayfarers have evolved into something rounder, with lightweight nylon fiber rims and metal temples. 

Your optician can work his magic. The ever-popular classic Rayban Wayfarers are quite unsuitable for Asian faces, as the lenses are angled at 45 degrees to suit high Caucasian nose bridges, which means they rest awkwardly on Asian cheekbones. But like we said, there’s hope. Ray-Ban now makes several Asian fit Wayfarer models. But if your preferred model doesn’t come with Asian fit, here’s the solution: Ask your skillful optician dude to adjust your frames. They can heat the temples to soften the acetate and adjust the frames to about 60 to 70 degrees to fit better.

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