Fann Wong On Fighting With Hubby Christopher Lee To Dress Zed Zed

“Sometimes, after my husband changes our son, I’ll tell Zed Zed, “Let’s change to another outfit.”

If you've scrolled through Fann Wong's Instagram feed (@fannaiaiwong) recently, you would have noticed pics of her two-year-old tot Zed Zed looking every inch as much a style star as his famous parents. So when the 46-year-old actress hit town last month to grace a meet and greet sesh at Hardy Hardy (the diffusion line of American fashion brand Ed Hardy) at Bugis+, the curious cat in us wondered aloud whether the dapper toddler had his mama or papa to thank for his so-chic-it-hurts dress sense. With a good-natured laugh, Fann tells us that both her and Chris take turns dressing their kid up. In a 15-minute exclusive interview, the hot mama, who channelled edgy glam in a gams-baring netted dress and studded killer heels, waxed lyrical about all things fashion.

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So much Fann: The Ah Jie with fellow Hardy Hardy ambassador Lee Teng at a meet and greet sesh at the store on May 6. 

8 DAYS: You’re the ambassador for Hardy Hardy, which opened its first boutique in Singapore last year. What’s your trick to looking good on days when you feel too lazy to dress up?
FANN WONG: On days when I’m feeling lazy, I’d wear a can-do-no-wrong white shirt and sunglasses. White is the new black for me (laughs). The trick for lazy people like me who want to look good is to have neat and clean hair. If I’m feeling lazy, I prefer to go without make-up. But I’d tie up my hair so that I’ll look neat.

What are your fashion must-haves?
When it comes to fashion, you must have everything! (laughs)

What’s one style mistake you’ve made?
Perming my hair. During my school days, having long, curly hair was in. I thought that curly hair looked so nice. So I begged my mother to let me perm my hair. But after that, I realised that it’s not easy to maintain permed hair — you need to blow dry your hair every day to get those curls.

Do you and your hubby, Chris, ever critique each other’s fashion choices?
No. We both have our own unique fashion sense. So we don’t really comment on each other’s style. His style is a reflection of his personality. So I feel that we should give each other that space. But we know what kind of stuff the other one likes — there are some kinds of clothing that I don’t like, but which I know he will like very much.

So what happens when Chris picks an outfit that you don’t like?
I’d just roll my eyes and say, “Let’s go.” (Laughs) What if the opposite happens? He won’t dare to roll his eyes! I’ll make sure that his eyes roll back and stay put at the back of his head! (Laughs) 

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Your two-year-old son Zed Zed is quite the fashionista. Who’s in charge of styling him — you or Chris?
Both of us. Sometimes, after my husband changes our son, I’ll tell Zed Zed, “Let’s change to another outfit.” (Laughs) Chris really spends a lot of time dressing Zed Zed up. Sometimes, when Zed Zed has an event to attend, Chris will spend a lot of time trying out many different outfits on him. I’d be like, “Can you stop changing my son?” When he’s done, he’d go upstairs to get changed himself. Then, I’d change Zed Zed into a different outfit (laughs). The only thing that I’d let Chris handle is Zed Zed’s haircut ’cos Chris feels that only daddy can touch Zed Zed’s hair. I don’t know why! I brought Zed Zed to Passion to cut his hair a couple of times. But, after that, Chris said, “No, I want to cut my son’s hair.” So he has been cutting Zed Zed’s hair, even before he turned one.

Do you like the outcome?
Er, sometimes. Sometimes, it’s too short. Recently, Chris gave him a new haircut and Zed Zed was looking at an old picture of himself. So I asked him if he liked his old or current hairstyle. And he pointed to his new hairdo. But he doesn’t like to get haircuts.

If you could steal the wardrobe of another celeb, who would it be?
I’d steal something from Audrey Hepburn ’cos she has a very glamorous and goddess-like wardrobe. I don’t look at myself [as a goddess]. I’m just a mama now! (Laughs)


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He’s committed many fashion faux pas.
“I was recently looking at old photos of myself. There was once I wore this polka-dotted T-shirt and polka-dotted pants with Adidas Originals X Jeremy Scott Teddy Bear shoes and a colourful snapback. I was like, ‘What was I thinking then?’ It’s crazy leh. I wore it for an event that I was hosting four or five years ago. When I saw that picture, I was like, ‘So brave.’ (Laughs) I like trying out new styles. I’m still adventurous but now I’ll make sure that my outfit looks good first before going out (laughs).”

He has a sneaker fetish.
“Recently, I’ve been really into sneakers. So many good kicks have been released and I missed out on many of them. I had to go to second-hand resellers to buy them at a higher price. So I’ve spent quite a bit of money on them (laughs). I’ll keep track of the new releases. Recently, there’s been a lot of hype about the Nike VaporMax. I didn’t manage to buy them online. So I actually got my friend to help me buy from Korea for three times the original price. I paid about $800 for them. That’s crazy lah! I own about 50 pairs of sneakers. But my cabinet’s full already, so I really have to stop buying.”

He wants to steal Fann Wong’s hubby’s wardrobe.
“I used to interview Christopher Lee on the red carpet at Star Awards. His dress sense was stunning. There was one time he dressed like the Godfather, with the glasses and the walking stick. I was like, ‘Where does he get all these things from?’”

(P/S: Look out for our story about Fann Wong and her showbiz plans next week!) 


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