We had clear directions to Siri House ("It's the same buildling where Spa Esprit's House used to be, but go to the furthest and last staircase into the forest area — it's on the left"), but still ended up getting lost. If we used Siri, we would have asked her how to find Siri House, but a little exploring led us down some stairs and finally to the entrance of this new lifestyle enclave at Dempsey Hill. Take note that the front door isn't at the front, which is where cars and cabs would stop, but at the back, down the stairs and facing the forested area. But once you find it, boy, are you in for a treat. 

The 3,000 sq ft space, which opened in January, is a project by Sansiri, a Thai luxury property developer, and wants to be a cultural bridge between Singapore and Thailand, bringing together people, design, art, retail, and food.

Lofty aims aside, all you really need to know is that Siri House is a hidden piece of gorgeousness, luxe and warm at the same time, which houses a gem of a restaurant called JAM at Siri House. Helmed by former Lolla head chef and current co-owner of Park Bench Deli, Ming Tan, with pal Jeremy Cheok, previously of New Ubin Seafood, the 42-seater restaurant serves up playful and eclectic sharing plates with Asian inflections, which manage to be homely yet lavish, such as the Chicken in a Biscuit ($12), a melt-in-your-mouth chicken fat cookie smeared with spiced cream cheese, inspired by the popular snack. 

sharing plates   jam at siri house1
Plates, please: Sharing plates of delicious things at JAM. 

Elsewhere in Siri House, the Sales Gallery is actually a posh showflat which can be rented for event and parties, while The Shop is a retail space where you can buy the works of cool Thai designers. Lastly, the Art Space is an intimate art gallery, which is currently showing an amazing (and awesomely Instagrammable) work by Thai artist Gongkan called Another Dimension, which features things and characters teleporting and popping out of mirrored 'holes'.

We want to say the whole place is too cool for school, but it's really quite warm and inviting as well. See for yourself. 

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