A few weeks ago, 8 DAYS got a visit from the Dyson Singapore team, who promised to show us a new and revolutionary product so awesome, it will blow our minds. They've already done super light vacuum cleaners, bladeless fans and air purifiers, and of course, the super popular Supersonic Hairdryer. What's next? It seems that the good folks at Dyson, buoyed by the success of the Supersonic, has thrown the weight of their R&D into another hair product, this time a hairstyler powered by their famed V9 digital motor, which uses air technology and a special barrel to suck hair into a kind of vortex, curling it automatically around the barrel before releasing it as a perfect curl. If it sounds like sci-fi/magic, it is. At our preview show-and-tell, one of Dyson's female engineers places the device near a lock of her hair, and like magic, the hair flew out from her fingers, and does a perfect roll around the barrel of the device. And stays there. When she turns off the device, the hair drops into a neat little curl. Okay. Consider our minds a little blown. No need to manually twist our hair multiple times around the heated metal barrel of a curling tong? The hair is, like, practically curling itself? We can get jiggy with this. 

Of course, it's built to protect your hair from heat damage, just like the Supersonic, and unlike traditional curling tongs which can burn hair and sometimes, skin, the Airwrap avoids that problem completely, as it doesn't use a heated surface to curl your hair. It's hot or cool air that moves in a certain way through the curling barrel, or other attachments, that does the job. The way the barrel is engineered, with six aerodynamic vents, sucks your hair in like with a vacuum cleaner, coiling it around the barrel and heating it with 150 degree heat into a curl. 

At first glance, and in one thrilling show-and-tell, the Dyson Airwrap seems like a magic wand that can give you princess curls or smooth your hair into sleek locks with a few well-placed waves of the wand. In fact, Dyson's hairstylist was on hand to give us a 15-min hair makeover. Let's just say we walked into the meeting room with straight locks, and emerged with big bouncy curls. Is it worth the $699 price tag? Does it work on all kinds of hair? Will your curls last the whole day? It remains to be seen, when we get to give the Airwrap a full road test. Stay tuned. Meanwhile, start saving. 

Dyson will announce the on-sale date of the Airwrap soon. Stay tuned to @8dayssg on Instagram and https://www.dyson.com.sg for updates. 

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