Is it just us, or does new-in-town lingerie brand 6ixty8ight look a tad like a cutesier, more wallet-friendly Victoria’s Secret? With the pink logo, the fun, cheeky-sexy vibe and of course, lots of lacy bras and panties, you could maaaaybe mistake it for the younger, more budget-conscious little sis of the famed VS label.

Founded in Paris in 2002 by a French lingerie designer, 6ixty8ight has grown so popular in Asia that there are now more than 130 stores across Hongkong, China, Macau, Taipei, Seoul and most recently, Singapore, with the opening of a 2,000 sq ft flagship store in Vivocity.

So yes, until we make enough moolah to blow on VS’s holy-grail-of-sexy bras and panties on a regular basis, or unless you have an actual Angel raining money down on you, it’s worth checking out this new brand’s wide range of undies, PJs, loungewear and accessories designed for the Asian female body.

We found these 8 worthy buys under $14. You’re welcome.

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