8 reasons why the Samsung Galaxy A8/A8+ will be your new dream phone

It’s a game-changing smartphone boasting Samsung’s first-ever Dual Front Camera and other great features. With the Galaxy A8/A8+, you’ll be able to capture yourself in the best light from dawn to dusk, come rain or shine.

1. Showcase your creativity and individuality

The impressive 16MP + 8MP (f1.9) Dual Front Camera with Live Focus means you can easily compose artsy, professional-looking self-portraits with bokeh effects (a soft background blur which puts the subject — you — in sharper focus). Not quite satisfied with your initial attempt? Fret not — you can adjust the intensity of the background bokeh even after the shot has been taken. 


samsung photo   selfie

2. You’re beautiful and the world needs to see that!

Get your glow on! The respective f1.9 and f1.7 aperture size of the Dual Front Camera and Rear Camera will help you achieve stunning selfies and brilliant photos, even in low-light conditions. Highlight every heartfelt moment and share them with one and all!

samsung photo   low light

 3. Experience and capture the best moments in life come rain or shine

Life doesn’t stop when it rains – and neither should your quest for that awesome selfie. The Galaxy A8/A8+ is rated IP68 water and dust resistant, so you’ll be free to snap amazing photos no one else can. Hashtag #nailedit!

samsung point 3 selfie

 4. Bring everyone together for that epic wefie

In Wide Selfie mode, you can accommodate a larger group of your buddies in shot than in that of a regular selfie. Just switch from the primary (16MP) camera to the secondary (8MP) one to enlarge the framing of the photo so your friends won’t have to squeeze and fall over each other just to have their picture taken.


samsung point 4 new

5. You’ll get to place whom and what you like in the limelight

Live Focus allows you to switch the focus of the photo after the shot has been snapped. Just tap on the subject/area you want accentuated, and viola – reveal a different perspective to your picture!

6. Everything looks amazing on the phone, as it should

It’s 2018 and lacklustre smartphone displays should be outlawed. The stunning Super AMOLED Infinity Display of the A8/A8+ with its 18.5:9 viewing ratio ensures you’re treated to a compellingly immersive visual experience – whether you're editing photos, watching videos or waiting for your travelling frog to return home (search for Japanese mobile game, “Travel Frog”).


samsung photo   design infinity

7. Enjoy more options and space

With dual SIM and microSD slots, you'll have the freedom to stay connected to the people who matter and always have all things personal and important to you right there in your hands.


8. Change how the world sees you with the Galaxy A8/A8+

This is one smartphone that’ll give you the freedom to express yourself like no other. It lets you be you.

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Dust and Water Resistant (IP68 rating) means that the device is protected against ingress of dust, and ingress of static fresh water at up to 1.5 metres, for up to 30 minutes, under certain defined test conditions. According to accredited test results; individual results may vary. Note: IP68 rating does not mean that the device is waterproof. 

Infinity Display: A near bezel-less full-frontal screen.

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