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Will You Huat In The Year Of The Earth Pig? Find Out In Our CNY Zodiac Survival Guide 2019

What's your zodiac animal's fortune ranking this year, and what to do if the Year of the Earth Pig isn't looking too hot for you? We get tips from a fengshui master to boost your luck for love, money and life. Huat ah!

Will You Huat In The Year Of The Earth Pig? Find Out In Our CNY Zodiac Survival Guide 2019

The Year of the Earth Pig is shaping up to be a fat, bountiful year — but only if you’re born in the year of the Rat, Horse, Dragon or Monkey. Ironically, folks born in the Year of the Pig will face a rather challenging year ahead. “Pig, Snake, Ox and Goat, you have more on your plate than you’re prepared for. Getting into accidents and losing money are very real possibilities. But accumulation, saving up for rainy weather and depending heavily on your discipline and resilience will help you get through the year,” Mark Tan, chief executive officer of the Way Fengshui Group, tells 8 DAYS.

According to Mark, “Accumulation is the keyword for 2019, especially in preparation for the stormy weather [ahead]. The Tong Sheng (Chinese almanac calendar) specifically states that the ‘grain warehouse’ [aka your finances] will run low this year, which is why we need to save up and have a long-term strategy for 2019.”

While those with Rabbit, Dog, Rooster and Tiger zodiac signs can also expect a smooth-sailing year, Mark points out: “You’re also most likely to be complacent.” Oops. Read on for Way Fengshui’s 2019 survival guide by Grand Master Tan Khoon Yong for the 12 zodiac signs, and find out how to boost your huat and counter the “what?!”.

To top things off, we give you a few suggestions on hua t to buy to boost your fortune this year, according to your lucky colours. Now, pick your zodiac animal on the wheel below, and let's go!

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