Why You’re Paying $599 For This Hairdryer

Where your money goes — we think — when you pay a whopping $599 for the new Dyson Supersonic hairdryer. Worth the hype, or just hot air?

From local bloggers to Korean superstars, the Dyson Supersonic hair dryer is blowing everyone's mind. Is it worth the whopping price tag? We imagine — just for fun — where your money is going. 

$60: Sending engineers to hairdressing school
The Brit brand better-known for its bladeless fans and state-of-the-art vacuum cleaners sent their engineers for hairstyling classes to better understand how hair dryers are used. They also built a lab to dissect the science of hair, watched over 100 women wash and dry their hair over a total of 275 hours, and spent 50 million pounds on the project.

$26: Buying up the world’s supply of human hair samples
They tested on over 1,010 miles of real human hair from different ethnic groups, leading to a shortage of hair tresses worldwide. Strange but true. 

The Dyson Supersonic: A pricey thing of beauty

$125: R&D that halves your hair drying time
You know what they say — time is money. And anything that halves the amount of time spent standing in front of the mirror blowing hot air at your head is worth the cash. Our long hair usually takes at least 15 minutes to dry, but the Supersonic did the job in under eight minutes, thanks to technology that amplifies the volume of air drawn into the motor to produce a focused and high velocity jet of air.

 $161: A tiny motor which led to a smaller hair dryer
The coin-sized V9 motor is a miniscule wonder contained in the handle of the Supersonic. The motors of conventional hair dryers are contained in the heads, which means a top-heavy device that strains arm muscles. For us, the Dyson machine definitely felt much lighter. Along with the shorter drying time and the fact that the hair dryer head was much shorter and thus closer to our head, drying our hair was a breeze.

$82: Really shiny hair without the over-heating
When the Dyson PR guy told us that the Supersonic can improve the quality and shine of our hair, we were skeptical. It’s just a hair dryer, not a magic wand, right? But after a few days of use, our hair is really shinier and less frizzy, thanks to an intelligent heat control feature that eradicates heat damage. Throughout our trial, the machine — and our hair — never felt too hot, and is a far cry from dryers that have burned our hair and scalp.

$76: Peace and quiet
By tweaking the number of blades in their motor, Dyson engineers pushed the noise made by the Supersonic to a sound frequency beyond the audible range for humans. While it sounds less loud and annoying than your usual hair dryer, it would still probably wake a light sleeper up.

$69: Chio design
You buy a Dyson partly ’cos it looks so darn cool, right? The hair dryer, which appears bladeless and belongs in a sci-fi movie, is no different. Without the add-on nozzles, it looks more like Thor’s hammer than a hair dryer. And did we mention the styling nozzles are magnetic snap-ons? Mind-blowing, literally.

Available at major department stores and electrical stores.



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