You’d have to be blur like sotong if you’ve not heard of Squid Game, set to become Netflix's biggest hit ever.

00a squid game outfits
Photo: Netflix

If you blitzed through the acclaimed Korean survival drama at lightning-fast speed and are now left with a Squid Game-shaped hole in your heart, we’ve got good news.

You can now buy outfits and merch inspired by the Netflix mega-hit series. Whether you want to dress up as a Red Guard for Halloween (or for fun, no one’s judging), or make your own dalgona candy at home, it’s just a click away.

Red guard mask, $14

01 face mask data

The fencer-like mask comes in all three versions — circle, square or triangle — so choose your rank and cosplay away. Buy it here.

Red guard jumpsuit, $34.70  

02 jumpsuit data

Your red guard makeover isn’t complete until you don a red jumpsuit. Wi Ha Joon’s abs not included. Buy it here.

Red Guard zipper hoodie, from $16.46

03 guard hoodie data

Or perhaps you just want a casual get-up inspired by the Red Guards for sweater weather days. Buy it here.

Front man mask, $11.30

04 front man mask data

Give yourself a promotion from Red Guard to Front Man simply by adding this to cart. Easy peasy. Buy it here.

Green player T-shirt, from $5.83

05 squid game player t shirt data

Player 001, 456 and 218 tees are available. What about Players 067 and 199, though? Buy it here.

Green player hoodie, from $14.90

06 player zipper hoodie data

You can customise the numbers on the hoodie, so you can be any Squid Game player you want to be. Buy it here.

Dalgona Korean sugar making kit, $17.50

07 dalgona korean sugar making kit

Re-creating games played on the hit series doesn’t get any sweeter than this, literally. The candy-making kit straight from Korea comes with almost everything you need to make the sugar cookies seen on the show. All you need is sugar and a chopstick to stir — and fantastic licking skills. Buy it here.

Squid Game name card, $1.33

08  squid game name card data

You can get your own Squid Game name card, just like Gong Yoo. Just don’t call the number on the card, okay? Buy it here.

Squid Game Doll stickers, from $1.29

09 stickers data

Is it just us or does the creepy animatronic doll’s singsongy tune from the ‘Red Light, Green Light’ game immediately come to mind when you look at these stickers? Altogether now, mugunghwa kkochi pieot sumnida… Buy it here. 

Photos: Netflix, Shopee, Lazada