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Where To Get A Father-And-Kid Haircut

At Papa Poika, barbershop cool and Lego walls go hand in hand.

Where To Get A Father-And-Kid Haircut

Is it possible for a space to look utterly masculine and totally kiddy at the same time? This magical place exists, and you can find it on the 5th floor of Paragon, at Papa Poika, a modern-day barbershop with an unusual concept. While hipster barbers these days serve up whiskey and other adult indulgences on the side, this establishment offers Lego... and it's brilliant.

The exterior of Papa Poika. The cool barbershop for fathers and kids is tucked away in a rather hidden corner of Paragon's kids-centric fifth level, opposite Mothercare.

Papa Poika means "father and son" in Finnish, and the newly-opened barbershop has dedicated about half of its space to a large enclosure for the little ones, where a distinctive and colourful wall made of Lego (actually, Duplo, which are larger Lego blocks for younger kids) and a tree-shaped bookshelf take centrestage. Here, staff are trained to handle precision haircuts ($47.10), head wash and styling ($22.50) and facial shaves ($34.25) for men, as well as haircuts for children (Prince Dry Cut, $30, for kids from 0-12 years old). We're certain the cuts for kids require more skill, or at least, more patience (and the ability to deal with squirmy, and occasionally, screaming mini-mes).

It's not just for boys; ask nicely and princess can get a haircut alongside dad, too.

We're not sure why there aren't more women's hair salons that offer this concept (there are a few that serve up kids' play areas, but not enough), because this is great. Dad gets to spend some bonding time with his son as they sit together like macho dudes, getting their razor cuts, or Junior can spend a happy hour tinkering with Lego or other toys (and mum can get a break) while papa gets a relaxing shave. In fact, bring the whole family — that Duplo wall is actually fun for kids and kidults.

Everything is awesome: The Lego Duplo wall is fascinating for the little ones, and they're encouraged to add their own bricks, while books and other toys will keep Junior occupied while dad gets barbered up and mum goes shopping.

To celebrate Father's Day, Papa Poika is offering a free hair cut for kids (12 years old and below) for every precision haircut for dad til June 30.

Papa Poika is at #05-30A Paragon, Tel: 6235-4312, www.facebook.com/papapoika.

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