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What’s The One Beauty Tip Behati Prinsloo Will Pass On To Her Daughter With Adam Levine?

The supermodel and mum to 11-month-old Dusty Rose Levine spills her beauty secrets.

What’s The One Beauty Tip Behati Prinsloo Will Pass On To Her Daughter With Adam Levine?

Yes, supermodels need help post-childbirth to get back into the game, too. According to leggy Victoria’s Secret model Behati Prinsloo, who married Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine in 2014 and gave birth to the couple’s daughter, Dusty Rose, last September, she’s been eating and training right, practising yoga with Adam and diligently patting on her SK-II Facial Treatment Essence. She’s one of three global celebrities taking on the SK-II #OneBottleAwayFrom challenge to transform her post-pregnancy skin to camera-ready by using one bottle of the Treatment Essence for the very first time. She’s slated to appear in new reality show American Beauty Star, hosted by her VS Angel pal Adriana Lima. 8 DAYS gets Behati to share a few beauty tips.

8 DAYS: What’s the biggest professional challenge you’ve encountered in your life?
I’ve been away for a while enjoying motherhood and precious time with my family, but I’ll soon be making my official TV debut and I have to say it’s been an exciting challenge. I think it's about as daunting as my very first time walking down a runway! That said, I’m ready now more than ever — I’ve been eating and training right. My recent collaboration with SK-II has also helped me revitalise my game face.

And what’s the biggest personal challenge you’ve ever encountered?
Stepping into my new role as a mother to my baby daughter has definitely been the biggest challenge outside of my career, but also a most thrilling and fulfilling one.

When you’re having a bad hair or skin day, what do you do for a perk-me-up?
When I have a bad skin day, I like to pamper my skin a little more than I usually do! I place my bottle of SK-II Facial Treatment Essence in the fridge to keep it chilled for a refreshing pick-me-up. Another special way I like to use my new skincare essential is to soak a few cotton pads with the Facial Treatment Essence, and leave them on the high points of my face for about a minute to quickly plump the skin up for an instant glow. This also works as a quick fix for problem areas on bad skin days, as it really hydrates and soothes any irritation or dryness. I also take time out to exercise and practice yoga with my husband Adam, who has been a great influence and motivator in my life. Yoga helps me stay in the present, organise my thoughts, and keep my calm when I’m facing challenges. Most importantly, being mentally positive is crucial. I remind myself that it’s just one less-than-perfect day, and not forever!

Does Adam steal her SK-II? We're not sure, but Mrs Levine sure looks glowy. We'll have what she's having, please.

In 30 days, SK-II says it can turn your skin around. What can you do in 30 days?
In 30 days, I can really make a difference in my physical state! To get ready for my #OneBottleAwayFrom challenge, I got back into my A-game by switching up my workout routine from day to day. I rotate between a variety of workouts that target different parts of my body, from yoga and Pilates to cardio in a circuit training format, so that my body doesn't get used to one form of exercise. It helps to work the entire body as opposed to staying in one routine. It helped me ease back into my pre-motherhood fitness level so I can face the camera again with confidence.

What is one non-beauty product that can make your eyes sparkle and your whole face glow?
Being with my family! Nothing brings a wide smile to my face more than coming home to spend quality time with Adam and Dusty.

Share with us one beauty tip you learned from your mother.
One tip from my mum that I’ve always held dear is that a classic beauty style with a natural glow is a timeless look for any woman, and that comes from having clean and healthy skin. She has always made sure to only go to bed with a thoroughly cleansed face, and it has become a must for me to always remove my make-up before bed, especially after a day at work. It's so important to really let your skin breathe. Make-up clogs your pores, so a good night-time beauty routine is essential for beautiful, radiant skin.

Tell us one beauty tip you will pass down to your daughter.
Always stay positive, as it is incredible how much damage stress can do to your body and skin. And of course, never forget sunscreen, no matter what.

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