What's Tech Neck And Do You Have It? How About Phone Chin & Squint Eyes?

We blame too much screen time as we ride out the pandemic. Here’s some (non-invasive) help.

Weird times lead to weird problems. From maskne and WFH issues to whether to use disposable masks or not and which reusable mask to choose — the pandemic is bringing forth some unexpected glitches to life as we know it. And now that screen time has shot through the roof, thanks to non-stop Zoom meetings, using our screens to keep in touch with loved ones, travelling and attending events and even weddings virtually and, um, bingeing on K-dramas, we're seeing the adverse effects of all this extra screen time on our skin.

Our eyes are often squinty and tired, the eyelids are droopier and are those extra fine lines thanks to the extra blinking at the screen? And how about all that blue light exposure giving us dull skin and puffy eyes? 

Local skincare specialist Porcelain knows the struggle is real, and has created three special facial treatments to reverse the effects of screen time. These treat the phenomenon of "Squint Eyes", "Tech Neck" and "Phone Chin". Best of all, these treatments are non-invasive, have no downtime and promote skin's natural youthfulness, by combining technology with traditional facial skills.

porcelain spa eyes treatment
The Multipeptide Silk Eye Mask with LED light therapy during Porcelain's Squint Eyes treatment. 

We tried the Squint Eye treatment, aka the Multi-Spectrum Intensive Eye Treatment ($198 for 45 mins), which reduces fine lines, wrinkles and puffiness around the eyes, lightens dark circles, rebuilds collagen, firms the skin, and lifts droopy eyelids.

The treatment kicks off with a double cleansing and exfoliation, then an eye lift massage. This is a gentle finger massage to depuff and lift the eye area, which feels super relaxing. There is then an ultrasound treatment with their hydrating and lifting serums, to stimulate collagen production and strengthen the capillary walls of blood vessels under the eyes to restore youthfulness to the area. Then there's an eye mask (Porcelain’s Multipeptide Silk Eye Mask) with LED therapy, so the good stuff goes right into the skin around the eyes.
porcelain spa eyes1 data
Besides the high tech stuff, there's also good old massage, in this case, an invigorating yet relaxing Shiatsu massage for the eye area. 

For us, while it feels quite unusual for a facial to focus so much on the eye area, being massaged and pampered around the eyes feels super relaxing. We feel the fine lines and tension around the eye area being gentle rubbed away, and the Shiatsu eye massage is really shiok, even when the therapist applies light pressure on your eyeballs (under your closed eyelids, of course). The rest of the face gets some love too, and there's also a nice head massage, but the star today was the eyes, for sure.

We walk out with brighter-looking eyes, and the eyelids definitely look lifted, and the dark eye circles lightened. Our eyes felt alive and bright — especially fab when they're all that can be seen when we wear a mask. The results will last one to two weeks with proper maintenance — that is, use your facial masks, apply sunscreen and serums, and maybe cut down the screen time if possible.

For those who feel that the lines on their neck are looking deeper and the skin getting saggier, no thanks to straining forward to look at our screens, there's the treatment for Tech Neck, called Duo-Intensive Neck & Décolleté Treatment ($290 for 60 mins). It reduces fine lines, pigmentation and uneven skin tone and rebuilds collagen at the neck area.
porcelain spa neck2 data
IPL to stimulate collagen production to plump up the lines at the neck in Porcelain's Tech Neck treatment.

Expect a double cleansing and deep peel, followed by an IPL treatment to the dermis layers to stimulate the skin’s collagen production, lighten pigmentation and even out skin tone, for a more plumped up neck and décolleté. There's also a detox lymphatic drainage massage to reduce water retention and drain toxins for healthier skin. Finishing things off is a mask and head massage.

Lastly, who else has Phone Chin from squelching your chin to your neck to look into your phone? *hands up* Perhaps you need the Proionic Multi-Sculpting Chin & Neck Treatment ($290 for 60 mins), which reduces the appearance of double chin and tightens saggy skin and helps with a more V-shaped contour and more defined jawline for the face.
porcelain spa  neck4 data
Need some help for a saggy chin and neck area thanks to squeezing your chin to your neck from way to much phone use? This "Phone Chin" treatment may help. 

Expect a carbon dioxide treatment on the chin and neck area, which stimulates the skin’s cell renewal and collagen production and purportedly leads to immediate V-shaped results, and a long wave radio frequency treatment to lift the neck, as well as Porcelain’s signature lymphatic massage to stimulate collagen and elastin production and drain toxins for instant and long-term anti-ageing effects. 

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