We Tried This Unique New Balance Face Mask Made From Sneaker Materials, And This Is What We Think

Is it a shoe in for our new favourite mask?

Over here at, we've become quite the face mask connoisseur. From fancy fashion masks to sports masks to anti-ageing masks, we've tried all kinds. But this mask from New Balance may be the most unique-looking reusable and washable one yet.

Made from repurposed sneaker materials in the US, the mask doesn't really look like your usual fabric mask. It comes with an upper and lower piece molded together, and distinctly reminds one of a sneaker, thanks to the material (multiple layers of nylon tricot, polyurethane and polyester), colour and design, and the fact that the bands used to hold the mask to your head are made of shoelaces.

We ordered the masks from a US website, (link here) and they appear to not be available on the New Balance Singapore website or in local stores. They come in Small and Medium and is US$10 (S$13.70) for one, or US$25 (S$34.30) for a pack of three. Be warned that shipping isn't cheap — the US$22.70 (S$31.10) we paid to ship to SG is almost the price of the three masks.

new balance face mask 8days sg 002 data
The New Balance face masks are made from repurposed sneaker materials and remind us of a shoe. They are US$25 for a pack of three from a US website. 

Besides its unique look, it's also different from other reusable masks in that there are two straps that go around the back of the head, instead of the usual ear loops. The elastic straps made from coiled shoelaces are adjustable, and make the mask stand out even more. While it does feel thicker than regular fabric masks, the good thing is that there is ample breathing space in the mask, due to its 'duck bill' design, and your nose and mouth won't touch the inside of the mask. There is also a wire nose piece that keeps the mask secure on your face. The outside of the mask looks hard, to keep its shape, but the mask is comfortable to wear and on the whole feels high quality. We wouldn't recommend it for sports, though. 

new balance face mask 8days sg 005
What the inside of the mask looks like. It's hard on the outside to maintain its shape, but soft and comfortable enough to wear on the inside. 

There's another version of the New Balance mask available on the same website that looks a little more like your regular mask, though it's also made from sneaker material and is similarly reminiscent of a shoe.

new balance face mask 8days sg 008 data
Another version of the New Balance mask, the NB Face Mask V3, which looks a little more like your usual face mask.

Great alternatives for those looking for something a little different, or if you're not into the flimsiness of fabric masks.

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