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We Found The Best Deals On Beers & Wines For All Types Of Drinkers – So You Can Stock Up In Time For The Long Weekend

C’mon let’s drink up this long weekend with our choices that save you time and even a dollar. 

We Found The Best Deals On Beers & Wines For All Types Of Drinkers – So You Can Stock Up In Time For The Long Weekend
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Bottoms up! It’s a long weekend – and a pretty important one where we go to the polls to pick a president. After the hard work is done, it’s time to wind down and crack a cold one, whether alone or with friends and family. But when you’re in a group, there’s bound to be people with different tastes and preferences. 

We got you on this. We scoured grocery sites like Amazon Fresh and compared prices to hunt down the best deals this weekend for all sorts of drinkers – so you don’t have to. 

Same-day delivery

It’s just as good as going to the supermarket yourself, without the physical labour. Pro-tip: You get same-day delivery if you shop on Amazon Fresh, plus you can select your preferred two-hour timeslot. Then just sit back and wait for your goods to arrive in time for movie night, the football match – or election results. 

How to get delivery at lower prices – or even for free

From June 8 June, customers can enjoy free delivery for selected delivery windows for  Amazon Fresh orders above $150. Delivery fees of $2.49 to $9.99 will apply for Prime Members with Amazon Fresh orders below $150. Also, Prime Members enjoy lower delivery fees for their Little Farms orders compared to other Amazon customers. If you’re not yet a Prime member, you can still enjoy free delivery by signing up for a free 30-day trial here

Now we’ve got the saving money bit out of the way, it’s time to spend on the drinks:

For the non-fussy casual drinker: Heineken Silver Lager Beer Can, 320ml (Pack of 24), $59.60

You can’t go wrong with Heikenen – plus with more cans to go around, you can have more people over without spending more.

To beat the heat: Kronenbourg 1664 Blanc Wheat Beer Can 320ml (Pack of 24), $66.91

Known for its crisp and refreshing taste, this sophisticated beer goes down easy and is perfect for warm days. 

For drinking games: Chorong Chorong Soju Green Grape Soju 360ML 5S Limited Pack (Free 2 X Soju Glass), $52.50

Besides Green Grape, Amazon has other fruity flavours available as well like green apple, peach and lychee. A fun way to enjoy drinking soju is by playing some drinking games – and because these drinks are sweet, it makes it easy to gulp down quickly too. You even get shot glasses for free to get the games started!

For the “I just spent summer in Italy” friend: Aperol Spritz Duo Pack, $57

They’re a bit delusional and won’t stop with their stories of the Amalfi Coast but that’s okay. Ease them into real life with more servings of Aperol Spritz – it’s already sold in a bundle so you don’t have to think about getting them separately. 

For the craft beer enthusiast: Jing-A Brewing Co. Worker's Pale Ale Craft Beer Bottle, 330 ml (Pack of 4), $17.06

And award-winning too! Jing-A Brewing Co. from Beijing is a brewery known for using Chinese ingredients such as rice, ginger, and even Sichuan peppercorn in their brews. The Worker's Pale Ale is refreshing with notes of grapefruit and pine. It is recommended to pair this brew with barbecue meats, burgers and curries – well, that does sound very Singaporean.

For the “IPA dude”: Specific Gravity Classic IPA - Hops Malt Repeat (Pack of 24), $23.98

There’s always one in the friend group who’ll start describing tasting notes without you asking – yep, that’s the IPA dude. But if you’re curious too, the classic IPA from local brewery Specific Gravity is less bitter and lighter on the tongue. 

For wine drinkers 

Of course, there are the non-beer drinkers who prefer a glass of wine. We’ve got that covered too with some of these deals we’ve found.

  1. Casillero Del Diabloe Pinot Noir Red Wine — $23.99 (U.P. $31.99)
  2. La Gioiosa Prosecco DOC Treviso Brut — $29.50 (U.P. $39.33)
  3. Upside Down New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc — $19.90 (U.P. $26.53)
  4. Moulin de Gassac Guilhem Rose — $29.61 (U.P. $39.48)
  5. Penfolds Koonunga Hill Chardonnay — $24.90 (U.P. $33.20)

On top of the deals, customers can enjoy $7 off with every $70 spent on Penfolds’ wines. Check out more wine deals here.

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