Trying On Shoes & Testing Beds In The New Normal — How Does It Work?

In case you were wondering, here are Phase 2 shopping updates from shoe boutique Pazzion and department store Robinsons.

In case you're still a little reluctant to head out in Phase 2 or haven't had time to go shopping, word on the street is that some people are eager to head to certain shops (Hello, Daiso and Popular), leading to snaking queues outside as shop staff enforce safe distancing in the stores, while certain shops and malls remain rather empty.

Whether things get more crowded as the weeks go by remains to be seen, but it's good to know most places are taking safety measures very seriously.

At footwear and lifestyle brand Pazzion, most of its boutiques have re-opened, including its flagship Pazzion x Pazzion Cafe at Jewel. Besides the usual safety and hygiene measures, here's what you can expect if you want to try on and buy shoes: Every customer with be provided with a pair of disposable stockings to try on shoes with, and shoes will be sanitised after a customer tries them, before being placed back on the shelves.

This is reassuring indeed. Over at department store Robinsons, they've resumed operations at The Heeren, Raffles City and JEM, with safety measures firmly in place. They're exploring options such as UV ozone base solutions to reduce airborne microorganisms to safeguard customers and staff in the fashion areas, and are vigilant about staff hygiene, requiring employees handling packages to sanitise their hands, and implementing staggered break hours for staff to reduce congregation of employees at common spaces, and also no cross-deployment or interactions between staff from different Robinsons stores, even outside of work.

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Beauty counters at Robinsons allow sampling of cosmetics and fragrances, but only in the presence of a beauty associate. Product testers have been removed. 

And like Sephora, the beauty counters at Robinsons have also removed product testers, but allow sampling of cosmetics and fragrances, with sampling only to be done in the presence of a beauty associate. Over in the shoe department, there are disposable socks for customers when trying on shoes, and if you'd like to test out a bed in the home department, you can expect a disposable mattress liner to protect you and the bed.

Are these measures enough to entice you back to the shops? We mean, shoes are best tried on and beds are best tested physically, right? We can't just shop online forever. Can we? 


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