This Reusable Fabric Mask Is Apparently Anti-Ageing, Anti-Mask Acne & Has UV Protection

Does this high-tech copper face mask made by local company Dr TWL Biomaterials really have anti-ageing properties? And how does it work?

It's kinda unbelievable how much face mask technology has advanced in such a short time, and proves, once again, that necessity is the mother of invention. From disposable surgical masks and rudimentary fabric masks to fashionable masks and sports masks, then mask accessories, we now have reusable masks that go above and beyond the usual duties of a mask, which is to protect against virus transmission.

Dr TWL Biomaterials, run by dermatologist Dr Teo Wan Lin of TWL Specialist Skin & Laser Centre, has come up with what it calls the first anti-ageing reusable fabric mask, with copper nanoparticle technology and UPF 50+ Broad Spectrum. In layman speak, this mask has fabric infused with copper ions, which they say will stimulate collagen production in the skin and reduce wrinkles, and is anti-microbial to prevent mask acne, or maskne. It's also Certified UPF 50+ with UV protection to reduce UVA and UVB exposure and guard against photo-ageing, pigmentation and skin cancers.

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The multi-tasking copper mask from Dr TWL Biomaterials is supposedly anti-ageing and anti-maskne, and is pretty to boot. 

And if all that doesn't sound impressive enough, the mask is pretty chio too, with a glam satin finish in a stylish sandy copper hue, complete with adjustable straps. If you have concerns about whether it's safe to wear a mask infused with copper, the press release tells us the mask is made from 100% Cuions copper fibre, and copper nanoparticles are incorporated into woven fabric in a complex technical process, and is safe for use. According to Dr TWL Biomaterials, the fabric has been lab-tested for the active release of copper ions, which have been known to promote collagen production and reduce pigmentation. They also say its antimicrobial functions actively prevent and treat mask acne, and kill bacteria that can cause secondary skin infections in acne and worsen facial eczema.

dr twl anti ageing mask copper mask with bag
The Dr TWL copper mask is $70, and there's an add-on anti-bacterial pouch you can get for $45. 

We're not sure how long you have to wear it to see results, but if you're willing to give this multi-tasking mask a go, know that its plethora of benefits don't come cheap — it retails at $70 per pop. You can get it at


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