This New Portal Lets You Book Beauty Services At Up To 50% Off During Off-Peak Hours

Save money? Yes, please.

Price for eyelash extensions at Perky Lash at Bugis (pictured above) on a Saturday at 12pm: $130. Price of the same treatment (Gorgeous Unlimited Eyelash Extensions) on Monday at 3pm? $91. That’s 30 per cent off. If you’re, say, WFH and can take a couple of hours off to do your lashes at almost 40 bucks less than usual, would you do it? It’s a no brainer.

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Services at up to 50 per cent off at your fave beauty outlets on weekdays during non-peak hours? Yass. 

That’s what new online booking portal Tropika Club is hoping you’d think. There are currently over 3,500 beauty, wellness and fitness listings on, and you can expect launch promos and off-peak discounts of up to 50 per cent.

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Search by treatment, location or price on Tropika Club's colourful, happy-fying website. 

The platform also wants to help small local beauty and wellness businesses lighten the impact of Covid-19, and digitalise and adapt to the new normal, by making their services available to more beauty-obsessed folks.

Among the numerous beauty, wellness and fitness outlets available on Tropika Club is Wellaholic, whose 6 outlets offer a range of aesthetic services, including facials, microneedling, permanent hair removal, hair regrowth, fat freeze, RF body sculpting and teeth whitening.

You can search by service (for example, lashes, brows, body hair removal, facial, fat freezing, fitness, hair services, massages or teeth whitening), price, location and even how much discount you want (50 per cent off, duh!). There are no booking fees, a four-hour cancellation clause and you can earn loyalty points with each booking.

Looking good in the new normal just got slightly easier and cheaper. 

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