These NDP Singapore Together Pack Tote Bags Have Popped Up On Carousell — Are They The Most Popular Designs?

Um, collect them all?

Since Singaporean and PR households began collecting their NDP 2020 Singapore Together Packs on July 20, there's been much discussion about what's in the packs (Reusable masks that are quite breathable! Surgical masks! Hand sanitisers! Thermometer! Special Yeo's Chrysanthemum Tea can with surprise to be revealed on Aug 9!).

There was also lively discussion about the artwork on the totes. There are 20 designs in total, with 10 designed by Primary 5 students, and 10 by artists with disabilities.

Here they are:

ndp singapore together pack 2
NDP Singapore Together Pack designs by artists with disabilities

ndp singapore together pack 1
NDP Singapore Together Pack designs by Primary 5 students

The designs are given out randomly, although when we collected our packs, it was not crowded and we could kinda choose from two different designs. Inevitably, some designs are more popular than others, and also inevitably, some have popped up on Carousell. The going price seems to be about $10 for the tote bag alone, although some sellers are hawking the bag and all its contents for as much as $30.

There are quite a few of the "Makan-Makan & Play-Play" designs on Carousell (left in main pic above), and we wonder if that's one of the more sought after designs. Is it possible to collect all 20 bags, like, um, catching all the Pokémon? Oh well, you can try.


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