The Laneige Neo Cushion Looks Like A Tech Gadget & Offers Blue Light Protection — Very Pandemic-Appropriate

So. much. blue. light. exposure.

When a family member saw the new Laneige Neo Cushion cases in pink and mint on my table, she said, “Wow, you got new wireless earphones?” Seriously, I wish my ear buds came in such pretty colours. The millennial pink and sweet mint shades are darn chio, and the borderless case design looks like it belongs in the latest Apple launch. It definitely defies the current convention, where cushion cases tend to be round, or look like, well, make-up compacts.

laneige neo cushion 2 data
High-tech make-up disguised as cool tech gadgets, anyone? 

With design already a draw for this tech-obsessed generation, how about the cushion itself? I’d say it’s another win, just based on the fact that there is blue light protection, which is as yet not that common in make-up, but is very necessary in our new normal. Zoom meetings, increased smartphone usage and online classes and livestream shopping, all as a result of the pandemic, have increased our exposure to blue light from screens, which can cause skin damage such as pigmentation, inflammation, and weakening of the skin barrier, and photo-ageing. Blue light penetrates into skin more deeply than UV rays. Blue light skin ageing? It’s as real as maskne, people.

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The Neo Cushion Glow, $62, comes with 15g refill, is pretty in millennial pink and wants to give you that K-drama heroine glow.

So besides the cute tech-inspired design and blue light protection (it’s the first cushion foundation in the market to be blue light certified), how does the Neo cushion stack up, as cushions go? I tried the Neo Cushion in Glow (that’s the one with the millennial pink case; $62, comes with 15g refill), and it’s a very good glow cushion. Coverage is excellent for a foundation with a dewy formula, and it gave me a K-drama heroine-worthy glow that lasted all day. The puff applicator picks up and deposits the make-up very well — a few quick pats is all you need (it’s called “Air-Hole Puff” where the middle of the puff contains 40 air holes allowing a soft application on the skin without losing moisture, just FYI). There’s also something called the Liquid Diamond that embodies liquefied diamond powder and Nano silver glitter that serves up the prismatic shine — wow. It’s also infused with niacinamide, and has been tested to provide a 12-hour anti-darkening effect to brighten up dull complexions, and provides 24-hour hydration.
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The Neo Cushion Matte ($62, comes with 15g refill) gives superb long-lasting coverage with a few pats. Pretty impressive. 

So far, so impressive. The Neo Cushion Matte ($62, comes with 15g refill) gives superb coverage with a few pats, and has a 24-hour sweat-resistant formula that controls excessive sebum, and is designed for multiple applications throughout the day without getting cakey.

laneige neo cushion 4 data
K-glow, OK? 

Did I just find my new favourite earbuds case, I mean, cushion foundation? The answer is yes.

Laneige Neo Cushion Matte and Neo Cushion Glow come in 8 shades, available Sept 1 at all Laneige boutiques and counters, and on Lazada, Shopee, Zalora and


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