Still Trying To Lose That Post-CB Weight? Here’s A Relaxing, No-Pain Fat Buster To Try

We tried Epion Aesthetics' Body Revolution treatment, where you just lie there and let machines do all the work. 

Yes, it seems like you exercised a lot at home during the Circuit Breaker, but if you’re like us, you probably snacked a whole lot more than usual too. If those couple of kgs you put on during CB are proving harder to lose than you thought, and you no longer have time to HIIT up a storm in your living room, here’s hope, if you can spare the extra cash. Epion Aesthetics’ Body Revolution treatment is designed for busy professionals to just lie there and let machines (and your therapist) do all the heavy lifting.

In a room in Epion Aesthetics’ new and beautiful Art Deco environs at Tudor Court, a therapist works a machine that uses powerful acoustic waves and state-of-the-art microwaves-based technology to target and break up stubborn fats, enhance skin elasticity, and firm your skin. After that, the Onda FatMelt treatment selectively targets and melts subcutaneous fat cells using controlled microwaves.

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A therapist using acoustic waves to target and break up stubborn fats during Epion Aesthetics' Body Revolution treatment.

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After the fats are broken down, the Onda FatMelt treatment targets and melts subcutaneous fat cells using controlled microwaves.

We tried a couple of sessions before the Circuit Breaker, and while the device pumping what felt like air (but was actually controlled microwaves) into our tummy area was a tad loud and alarming at first, we soon relaxed and even enjoyed it. It kinda felt like a deep tissue massage, and was not painful at all, with no downtime. The idea of our fats being broken down and then melted away to be flushed out through the lymphatic system filled us with joy, and the hot detoxing clay mask that follows each session to help firm and reshape the body was very, very nice.

Unfortunately, before we could see full results (we did feel flatter in the tummy, though), CB happened. They recommend five sessions of BTL X-Wave, Onda FatMelt and Body Mask (all done in the same one-hour session), one session every two to three weeks. As for us, it’s definitely time to go back and finish the fat-melting job, especially post-CB.

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The fat-busting, and a plethora of other aesthetic treatments for the face and body, happens in Epion Aesthetics' Face and Body Medisuite, which is an extension of Epion Clinic, located one floor down in a conservation shophouse at Tudor Court.

Prices for Body Revolution (5 sessions) start from $2,780 for abdomen or both upper arms; and from $3,980 for buttocks or thighs.

Epion Aesthetics is at #02-02 Tudor Court, 145 Tanglin Road, Tel: 6363-2122,


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