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Skincare With No Plastic Packaging — Can You Handle It?

We removed single-use plastics from our skincare routine by trying Lush's new Naked Skincare range, and this is what happened.

Skincare With No Plastic Packaging — Can You Handle It?

The anti-plastic crusade is growing stronger by the day. Food delivery companies, restaurants and hawkers are giving out fewer plastic forks and spoons, and it's getting harder and harder to find a straw — even Yakult has jumped on the bandwagon and stopped packing thin plastic straws with their drinks. Bravo, F&B establishments. So can beauty brands follow suit and give up single-use plastics? Take a look at your bath and beauty products, and you'll realise it's all plastic bottles, tubes and jars. How can beauty products ever give up plastic?

Well, one brand is gonna try. Lush, bath bomb maker and purveyor of natural beauty products, many of which are already packaging-free (their bath bombs and some of their solid bath soaps and body creams are packed straight into paper bags for customers), just dropped their new Naked Skincare range, and it's kinda revolutionary. It's basically small solid bars of vegan skincare that is totally plastic packaging-free. There are several solid bar facial oils, cleansing balms and a makeup wipe, which don't require bottles and are packed into paper bags, and it's all part of Lush’s bid to remove single use plastics, while providing natural and efficacious skincare.

But how do they work? And how do you store your naked skincare? We break it down.

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