Ya Hui & Lawrence Wong Are Back On Screen Together — And This Time, It’s A Happy Ending

The glowy-skinned pair play lovers in an ad for Shakura Pigmentation Beauty, and Ya Hui tells us what it was like to reunite with an old pal.

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The last time Ya Hui and Lawrence Wong were on screen together, it was 2014, and she was wanton mee seller Jinzhi, and he was Xiao Bao, a gangster with a heart of gold who had a crush on her. Sadly, despite their chemistry in the popular Ch 8 drama 118, they didn’t end up together. 

Fast forward seven years, and the sparks are once again flying between Ya Hui and Lawrence on screen. Magically, the twosome don’t seem to have aged a day, as we get to admire their porcelain miens in all their poreless, radiant glory. Ya Hui glances cheekily at Lawrence and tells him, “Baby, come a little closer”. He edges towards her, a smile curling on his lips. “Come even closer,” she beckons. He leans in and we think they’re going to k-i-s-s…. Nope. She only wanted him to look at her face and compliment her on her skin. What a tease! If you’re a Lawrence Wong fan, this TV ad for Shakura Pigmentation Beauty may just make your heart skip a beat. 

Ya Hui tells 8DAYS that seeing Lawrence again and being able to catch up when they shot the advertisement a few months ago was really nice. “It feels good to be reunited, and that we finally got to do an ad together after so many years. It felt like the happy ending finale we never got for 118,” she laughs. Lawrence has been busy filming in China and came back to Singapore earlier this year to shoot the Chinese New Year 2022 flick, Reunion Dinner, as well as the Shakura ad.

“When we were shooting the ad, we were supposed to sit very close together, but because of Covid, we had to keep to the 1-metre-apart rule,” says Ya Hui. “So the story is not as complete as it should be, but we still play a sweet couple and hope that this feelgood campaign can get people to try out Shakura to get better and brighter skin, as Chinese New Year is coming.”

In the TVC, Ya Hui and Lawrence end up going for a couple facial date, and try out Japanese pigmentation specialist Shakura’s signature Miroko Whitening Treatment, which is infused with the Shakura Active Formula, and uses products made with an effective yet gentle and nourishing combination of Milk Essence and the Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower (Roselle Extract). It’s the treatment Ya Hui recommends you try at Shakura, for its cell renewal and brightening effects, and to reduce the appearance of dark spots, pigmentation, acne scars, age spots, freckles and uneven skin tone. 

You can watch behind the scenes of their shoot here. 

 The actress, who’s in her early thirties, tells us she’s just finished shooting Home Again, a CNY drama also starring Desmond Tan, Pierre Png and Edwin Goh, which will air in January. “The drama is set on a farm, and we spent a lot of time shooting under the sun,” says Ya Hui. “Everyone was sweating every single second, but the hardships make the experience more memorable! Even before the drama wrapped, if I had some free time, I ran to Shakura to get facials, ’cos I saw the dark spots on my face getting more obvious because of all the filming under the sun. The treatments immediately helped to moisturise my skin, and helped lighten the dark spots. The Miroko Whitening Treatment is great for brightening, and my favourite treatment at Shakura is the guasha massage. It’s good for water retention and for a brighter and more V-shaped face. It’s so shiok, I will surely knockout and fall asleep every time!”

The bubbly and youthful-looking actress, who says she has her mum to thank for her mostly problem-free skin, has a couple of tips for maintaining a healthy complexion —  “Drink lots of water and get enough sleep, and go for facials at least once a month to clear out the dirt in your skin. Also, use the right products for your skin. I tried rosehip oil during the Circuit Breaker ’cos my skin is on the dry side, and people were telling me it’s very good, but within one week of using it, I started getting pimples and oil bubbles on my skin! I immediately stopped using it and went back to my Shakura products!”

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