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Qi Yuwu Shows Love For Joanne Peh By Cooking Her Nourishing Soups

We should all have a husband like 715.

Qi Yuwu Shows Love For Joanne Peh By Cooking Her Nourishing Soups

If you ever see Joanne Peh glide down a flight of ballroom stairs in a sparkly gold gown, it can feel a bit like a surreal moment. The dress hugs her toned frame like a second skin, and flutters like a chio bu’s hair in the wind. Part of us want to resent Joanne for spoiling the market (how dare she look like this after popping out two kids), but the 35-year-old is not here to make her fellow women feel bad. We are interviewing Joanne at an event for German medical aesthetics company Merz Aesthetics, where she was unveiled as a celebrity ambassador for their Ultherapy (a non-invasive skin treatment which uses ultrasound energy to stimulate collagen production in your skin and tighten it).

Fab as she may look, Joanne confesses to us that she actually feels bad about, er, looking good. “People look at [me] and they go like, ‘How come Joanne can slim down so fast after giving birth? Why doesn’t she look like she had two kids? I want to look like that.’ But they don’t realise that you can’t compare this way,” she avers.

Joanne is very candid with us about her struggles with motherhood, even if it doesn’t make a ’gram-worthy caption. She muses, “All that I’ve gone through — we don’t want to discourage people from having children so we don’t talk about these things [on social media]. But it happens, and I want to be responsible and encouraging in my posts and tell women, ‘Look, we’re here to support.’”

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