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Paige Chua's Secret Beauty Tip: “Do Gua Sha On Your Face Every Night”

If we can look like Paige, we'd gladly scrape our faces too.

Paige Chua's Secret Beauty Tip: “Do Gua Sha On Your Face Every Night”

She's known as the 'Zen goddess' to her fans, and indeed, the always calm and low-profile Paige Chua says that having a relaxed state of mind is one of her secrets to looking 35 years young. The actress, recently appointed the face of Hada Labo Lifting + Firming skincare line, shares her anti-ageing skincare tips, which involves some good ol' TCM.

8 DAYS: You recently filmed Ch 8 army drama When Duty Calls. What are three skincare items you’d need if you were stuck on Tekong Island?
PAIGE CHUA: I'd go for pretty basic stuff like cleanser, sunscreen and moisturiser. The cleanser can be for dual use — I’d use it to wash my body as well as my face. I need a sunscreen for obvious reasons, as I’d be under the sun a lot and I have to protect myself. As for a moisturiser, I’d need it if I get sunburnt! (Laughs)

As an actress, being under the sun all day for a shoot is very real. How do you deal with that?
I usually apply double or triple layers of sunscreen. If I have to be out in the sun, l make sure I use one with a higher SPF. I have a sunscreen that’s SPF 100. (Guffaws) I’m not sure whether it works, but I think it’s not bad. It’s very thick and kind of oily, so it provides a lot of hydration to the skin, and my skin doesn’t feel too dry after filming.

Do you have an aftersun skincare regimen?
Because of the choice of sunscreen I use, I don’t get sunburnt even after a day out in the sun. I do use aloe vera gel though, ’cos that’s supposed to treat your skin if you get sunburnt. If I have time, I’ll just soak in my bathtub and chill. To me, prevention is better than cure, so I usually just put a lot of sunblock to protect my face.

What’s one skincare product you can’t live without?
I’m into facial oils. I know that some people don’t like oils as they feel it’s very greasy. But I feel that it's very hydrating for the skin. Perhaps it’s because of my Gua Sha routine [the TCM method of using a 'scraper' to scrape your skin, which can produce light bruising, and is said to help stimulate blood circulation and healing], which I do every night religiously, and which requires facial oil.

Gua Sha routine? Tell us more.
I learnt it from a Malaysian actress when we filmed the drama Your Hand In Mine eight years ago. She taught me how to use a Gua Sha board and rosehip oil to massage my face in an upward motion. There are supposedly some lymph nodes along your jawline so the massage helps to reduce water retention and makes you look less bloated.

You look younger than your 35 years. Besides Gua Sha, what other anti-ageing secrets do you have?
Oh thank you. I don’t know whether I look young ‘cos I’m really not sure what a 35-year-old is supposed to look like. (Laughs) I think reducing stress in my life is very important. I don’t want to keep working and feeling tired all the time. I have sufficient stress to keep me going and motivated but I also take time to recharge at home. Every week, I make sure I devote some time to practising my piano and playing netball and tennis, and to practising yoga. I’ll be heading to Beijing for a vacation soon, and I think I’m going to pick up calligraphy there! (Chuckles).

A firm favourite: The Hada Labo Firming + Lifting skincare line.

You’re the face of the Hada Labo Firming + Lifting skincare line. What are your fave products?
I really like the anti-wrinkle care cream as there’s macadamia oil in it which is very hydrating for the skin. I have sensitive skin but the products work fine for me so I think people with sensitive skin can try it too. I started noticing this brand because I’m a fan of K-drama actress Jun Ji Hyun, and she’s the brand’s ambassador. I tried the products to show my support for her, so I hope that people will start buying Hada Labo ‘cos of me too. (Laughs)

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