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Nudestix’s 20-Year-Old Girlboss Only Needs These Two Pencils In Her Make-Up Bag

Only two pencils? Taylor Frankel, are you for real?

Nudestix’s 20-Year-Old Girlboss Only Needs These Two Pencils In Her Make-Up Bag

She’s chatty, cool, and so down-to-earth it hurts. Taylor Frankel, who speaks to 68,000 followers on Instagram at @Nudestix and runs the rising Canadian beauty brand with her mother Jenny and sister Ally (she’s the Chief Inspiration Officer — where do we apply for that job?), extols the virtues of going nude (on your face), eliminating cumbersome brushes, creams, palettes and powders, and cutting down the clutter in your make-up pouch to a few pencils. Nudestix concealers can be used as foundation, especially if you prefer a natural, no make-up look, while multi-purpose pencils can be used for cheeks, lips and eyes. If she had to pick only two pencils to survive on for the day, she’d go for the Concealer Pencil and the newly-launched Magnetic Matte Lip Colour.

Like a #girlboss: She's just 20, but Taylor knows exactly how she wants her make-up, and she knows how to sell it to you.

8 DAYS: Why Nudestix? Why not Colourstix? Is this nude trend here to stay?
Taylor: My mum, my sister and I created Nudestix for the real girl/woman on the go. The ‘Nude’ in Nudestix means all shades of nude, but also looking like a better version of yourself. I do think the nude trend is here to stay because it is for the real girl (she’s not going anywhere!)

Nudestix Concealer Pencils, $24 each from Sephora

Is it really possible to simplify your make-up to just a few sticks?
That is the goal! We’ve created multi-purpose make-up pencils to simplify the everyday girl’s make-up routine. For example, our lip pencils are your lip liner, lip colour and cheek colour all in one. So we’ve already removed three products from your make-up bag. Not to mention — all of our stix come in a re-usable, portable tin with a mirror and sharpener.

Nudestix Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Saint

Do you think make-up trends in Asia are different from those in America?
Due to social media, I find that the trends are becoming increasingly similar, such as contouring, matte lips, bold brows and no-make-up-make-up. You’re seeing these trends all over social media. However, I find that the girl in Asia is quite a minimalist when it comes to her make-up look. It’s all about looking naturally flawless.

Nudestix's new Magnetic Matte Lip Color in Burgundy ($24): We've tested this, and we're happy to report it lives up to its name — Taylor tells us it's called Magnetic 'cos it just sticks to your skin and doesn't budge.

Contouring can look scary and there’s the impression that it is hard to do and hard to wear out, especially in broad daylight! But there is a friendlier kind of contouring.
Yes, for sure! I find that contouring can seem intimidating to the girl who is not a make-up artist or if she has never tried it before. Therefore, brushes and compacts can seem overwhelming. She’ll tend to apply too much or use the wrong shade (this is from personal experience). The easiest way to start out is by using a contouring/highlight pencil. The pencil allows for precise application and easy blending (Tip: use fingers to blend).

Nudestix Sculpting Pencil in Light-Medium, $24: Look out for our upcoming tutorial with Taylor where she teaches us how to conquer face contouring with this one single pencil.

What is the greatest misconception about millennials?
Probably that we’re the selfie-obsessed generation. We're constantly told that we have too much ego. However, I think that it is social media that has created that misconception. We are expected to portray a lifestyle that is perfectly curated.

As a millennial working in marketing, what works in terms of communicating ideas to young people?
We utilise our social platforms (more specifically Instagram & Snapchat) to communicate to our millennial demographic. As a millennial consumer myself, I am constantly active on social media, whether it is for inspiration or product knowledge. However, the content must still remain authentic and real. If I feel like a brand is trying too hard to sell me a product/service, I am instantly turned off. As a brand, we have been able to tell our story through social media while still remaining authentic. By building a real connection with your followers, they will instantly love your brand and product offerings.

What’s the best thing about being a girl boss?
My favourite thing about being a girl boss is having the power to share my voice and inspire other girls to pursue their dreams. Many girls aspire to launch their own business, but they do not know where to start. If I can do it, anyone can. Not to mention, being a #girlboss comes with the responsibility of representing young women everywhere. We need more girl bosses in the world!

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