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This New Skincare Range Can Be Used On Your Face, Body & Vulva

No, you didn't read wrongly — TWO L(I)PS' Prebiotic range has optimal pH levels perfect for skin on your face and your down-there.

This New Skincare Range Can Be Used On Your Face, Body & Vulva

We don't know about you, but we use different products for the skin on our face and for the rest of our body. As in, a face wash for the face and a body wash for everywhere else, and also a moisturiser that is specifically for up-here, and another one for down-there (and around the middle). But local skincare company TWO L(I)PS, run by Cynthia Chua's Spa Esprit Group, is changing the game by telling us that not only are they offering us just ONE wash for our face and body, and, perhaps more impressively, ONE balm which can be used for the body, face and vulva, their new range of prebiotic skincare is specifically formulated with optimal pH levels (between 4 and 6) needed for the skin on the vulva and the face to thrive. Products that multi-task hard? Yes. We're just imagining how much more streamlined our bathroom shelf is gonna look.

A wee bit of biology for context: Our skin is home to a complex community of trillions of bacteria, fungi and other microbes that form the microbiome, and each person's microbiome is as unique as your thumbprint. This microbiome determines how efficiently your skin absorbs products, and determines its overall health. Thanks to Covid, some of us may be over-cleansing and sanitising our skin, disrupting our microbiome and stripping away essential bacteria. This weakens the skin barrier and leads to skin problems and skin ageing.

TWO L(I)PS’ new prebiotic range has the right pH levels for skin, and the proprietary prebiotic complex found in the five products feeds our microbiome the essential ‘food’ it needs to help good bacteria thrive, supporting healthy barrier function and keeping the skin at its healthiest state.

Sounds delicious? Read on.

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