Mum-Of-Two Cheryl Wee Destresses & Cleanses At This Kickboxing Gym Before Going Home To Her Kids

She brought in 9Round, a women-friendly kickboxing studio, with her husband Roy Fong last year.

“When I’ve had a tough day, and I head over to 9Round where it’s just me and the punching bag, it’s like a cleansing before I go home to the kids, and I don't bring my daily weariness home to them.”

Is kicking, punching and sweating up a storm the 33-year-old yummy mummy's secret to looking amazing? The founder of Cheryl W Wellness & Weight Management and daughter of Jean Yip tells that she doesn't get to hit up 9Round as often as she'd like due to work and the kids (Marc is two-and-a-half and Emma is one), but loves it for its customised workouts and how friendly it is for women.

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Entrepreneur and actress Cheryl Wee, 33, keeps fit despite busy mummy and work duties. 

That’s the reason she brought in fitness franchise 9Round with her husband Roy Fong last year. “Many years ago, I would go to those mega gyms but mainly for their fitness or dance exercise classes,” she tells us. “Then I moved on to more boutique fitness studios like spin classes, barre and yoga, and once I went with Roy to a boxing gym. It was a very masculine environment, and it wasn’t as “pretty” [as those more female-centric studios]. But I enjoyed boxing and kickboxing and started searching for an option that could offer a good workout in a clean and enjoyable environment that’s friendly for women.”
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Female-friendly, non-competitive, non-intimidating and stress-busting: That's what 9Round promises in just a half-hour session. 

So just how friendly is it? We popped by the East Coast outlet for a punching sesh and found it clean, non-intimidating and stress-free. The concept is nine rounds in half an hour of kickboxing-inspired exercises, with each round at just a few minutes. Your only competition is yourself, as no one else is doing the same exercise as you at any one point, since everyone is moving through the circuit. An instructor keeps an eye on you and explains the workouts if you need help, but you’re meant to exercise pretty independently, and there’s no scary trainer barking orders — you go at your own pace. We liked that out of five or so people in our session, half were women, and it’s pretty much just you against the punching bag or kicking post. A heart rate monitor helps you keep track of your performance and calories burned.
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Just you against yourself for nine rounds. Get punching!

Cheryl tells us, “To me, exercise isn’t just about weight loss. Yes, the physical part is great, but it’s more about de-stressing and sharpening my mental focus. And one of the stations at 9Round is the boxing speed bag which requires concentration and dexterity. What also really appealed to me was that there’s no class time schedule, so I don’t have to worry about being five minutes late and missing it all, because you know how it is with two toddlers and work!”

9Round has several outlets island-wide. For more info, go to


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