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How Did Michelle Chong Aka Ah Lian Lose So Much Weight With London Weight Management?

The director-actress says that when she retires, she’ll eat and drink all she wants.

How Did Michelle Chong Aka Ah Lian Lose So Much Weight With London Weight Management?

No, she’s not kidding. Michelle Chong aka Ah Lian aka actress, host, director and producer extraordinaire and she of the many hilarious personas, declares to us that she will delete her social media, and not bother trying to look good for photos and videos, once her showbiz career is done. “If I really retire, I'm going to shut down all my social media. I don't even like taking pictures, and if not for the fact that I’m in this line, I wouldn’t take any photos of myself.”

We’re talking to Michelle, who’s in her early 40s, about her endorsement with London Weight Management. Like many of us, she found out that excess weight had crept up on her during the pandemic, and before she knew it, she was tipping the scales at 63.1kg.

“I was like 54 or 55kg for a long time,” she tells us. “When I did Our Sister Mambo (in 2015), I thought I needed to lose weight so I dropped to about 52kg. I mean, even 55kg was considered heavy then. I just wanted to be professional, you know? But after that, I didn’t want to shoot other people's stuff and I didn't feel like I needed to lose weight. I rejected all offers. I didn’t want to be on the big screen anymore — I didn’t even want to be on TV screens. I just wanted to do my own things and my own channel and ads. So I just let go, right? (Laughs) I just eat and eat and drink and drink, but really it still wasn’t that bad. I was like 58 or 59kg for quite a long time. But in the past year, I’ve been having a lot of suppers in bed, omakase dinners and food deliveries. I put on weight and was quite heavy, but I think people couldn’t really tell, ’cos I have a small face, and with dressing, you can cover things up. But after a while, I was like, ‘Okay, cannot already’.” (Laughs)

That’s when the Left Profile artiste headed to London Weight Management for some intervention. Over three months, she lost almost 7kg and 43.5cm with the award-winning ezSlim™ Body Contouring Treatment, effectively combined with other treatment solutions by the slimming experts at London Weight Management, and emerged a slimmer and healthier 53.6kg.

“What I love about London Weight Management is that they customise plans for me. So if I tell my consultant that I had this huge omakase dinner the night before, she will include the hot blanket therapy, which really helps with water retention and detoxifying. It’s apparently equivalent to exercising a lot, so sometimes after the treatment, I feel very tired, like physically drained. On other days, when she thinks I need some firming up, she will suggest the ezSlim™ treatment (burns stubborn fat and firms up figure) and BioDetox™ (which eliminates toxins and boosts metabolism). The BioDetox™ treatment also comes with different detox masks, customised according to my condition that day. It's quite holistic because they also have a metabolism-boosting coffee drink and a detox berry drink,” says Michelle.

She adds: “There’s a professional nutritionist who gives expert advice, like how if I’m craving something sweet, I can eat apples with peanut butter. And if I want to eat fries, she says I can fry tofu in my airfryer. I tried it and it’s actually quite good! I didn’t really follow the meal plan they gave — I just tried to eat healthier and cut down on suppers and those big social dinners. If I had followed the diet plan, I would have lost even more weight, and probably much faster too. But it took quite a while because I was still pretty much enjoying myself.” (Laughs)

Watch Michelle Chong’s slimming success story with London Weight Management’s ezSlim™ Body Contouring Treatment here.

And it’s not just the weight loss and being able to fit into her old jeans Michelle is happy about — her body fat percentage dropped as well. “I guess because of my unhealthy lifestyle, my body fat percentage was really, really high. Like dangerously high. It was 38.1%. After the treatments, it went down to 34.4%. I think anything over 32% is not good.”

“Basically, I lead a very decadent lifestyle. (Laughs) I guess my metabolism has come down a bit because of my age, but also, I have more time to socialise, and I’m on screen less and behind the scenes more. A lot of my friends are huge foodies and wine connoisseurs and we have these huge omakase dinners and private dining meals. There are like three or four such dinners every week. And I'm not the kind who can starve. People do intermittent fasting, or if they know they're gonna have a big dinner, they’ll try not to eat lunch. I just find it very hard not to eat. And on days that I don't have huge dinners, I think I should have a light and early dinner right, like fish soup. Then by night time, I’ll be so hungry, I'll start ordering supper,” she laughs. “I live in town, so I have food until like 4am and I'm surrounded by all these supper places, like Liang Seah and Purvis Street… I mean, my lifestyle is my problem for gaining weight!”

It doesn’t help that she hates exercising. “People always say you get endorphins from exercising but it never happens for me. When I exercise, I want to cry. For me, running is really hard. I can’t even run for one minute non-stop. Can you? I can run for maybe 30 seconds, and then walk for 30 seconds. My stamina is terrible!” she laments.



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