Janice Koh Hawks Branded Bags Over Zoom And Gives Us A Virtual House Tour

Wanna get a sneak peek at Janice Koh's upcoming Pasar Glamour charity sale and see her plant-filled house in East Coast? 

Dior! Loewe! Alocasia! Monstera! Only two of these things are designer labels and the brand names of bags and shoes available at the next Pasar Glamour sale, coming up on November 8. The other two names are, of course, plants, which Janice Koh talks about in as excited a voice as when she mentions designer bags. caught up with the Code of Law and Crazy Rich Asians actress over Zoom to find out about her latest two obsessions — the upcoming Pasar Glamour mini sale she's organising to raise funds for Adrian Pang's theatre company, Pangdemonium, and her plants.

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These cute candy-coloured totes from Hoola will be sold at $50 at the Pasar Glamour sale. 

FYI, the Pasar Glamour 2020 Sale features pre-loved designer bags, luxury brand shoes, and brand new Hoola totes in five happy colours, and will be held at Crane at 46 Kim Yan Road on Sunday, 8th November from 12 to 5pm. Entry is limited 'cos of safe distancing and tickets priced at $20 are required, though the amount can be fully redeemed with any purchase at the pop-up. Tickets go on sale at midnight on 1st Nov here — stalk @pasarglamour on Instagram for the deets. After the one-day pop-up, the sale will go online. Again, details will be on their IG.
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Newly-minted plant mama: Like many other Singaporeans, Janice Koh, who has two sons, found some new babies to obsess over during CB. 

But first, here's a sneak peek of some of the bags and shoes you can expect from the sale, and fun footage of Janice hawking bags like she's "selling fish at the market."

If you're more interested in giant Monstera Deliciosa leaves than delicious branded bags and shoes, Janice also takes us on a little tour of her tastefully-furnished semi-detached house in the East, which she says is gradually being filled up with more and more indoor plants, ever since she, like many other Singaporeans, discovered the joy of house plants during the Circuit Breaker. Also, who else has a plant sick bay and one of the tallest trees in their neighbourhood like Janice?  


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