Ikea Opens Its Third Store At JEM Next Year — Will There Be A Restaurant & Playground?

The third Ikea store in Singapore will span three floors and will open in 2021. 

Ikea just announced that it will be opening its third store in Singapore come 2021, at Jem shopping mall in the West. It will be the Swedish furniture giant's first small-store concept in Southeast Asia, and will span three storeys in Jem, spread across 6,500 sqm. Of course, that's tiny compared to the Tampines store's whopping 70,000 sqm and Alexandra's 28,000 sqm, but the important thing is that the Jem store will have meatballs. Yes, the Ikea restaurant will be part of the accessible new concept store, serving up Swedish meatballs and fried chicken wings.

What the new store won't have is the popular kids' playground and a built-in warehouse. But fret not, the full Ikea range of furniture and lifestyle items will be available. It's set to open in 2021 and is one of a handful of Ikea stores within a mall worldwide.

So we can now shop for groceries, clothes and Ikea meatballs and Billy bookshelves in the same mall? Fab. 


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