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I Had A Non-Surgical Facelift Done At Home, And This Is What It Felt Like

Yes, you can get aesthetic treatments done in the comfort of your home, with your dog in your lap.

I Had A Non-Surgical Facelift Done At Home, And This Is What It Felt Like

Thanks to the pandemic, here’s yet another thing you never knew you could do at home — aesthetic treatments. Yes, no need to schlep down to the salon or clinic for procedures such as non-laser skin rejuvenation and painless fat removal treatments — aesthetic company Only Aesthetics's newly launched Only Home service will bring the treatments into your bedroom. Whether your reason for wanting an at-home treatment is due to fear of the virus, love of being at home or convenience/laziness, know that there is now this option, though you have to pay a little more for the service, of course — from $100 more.

We tried the Only Home service one hot afternoon — the kind that makes you not want to go out — which only made us appreciate the doorstep VIP treatment even more. Before anything could happen though, there was a video consultation with a specialist from Only Aesthetics, to determine the kind of treatment you need and explain a couple of things — mainly that they will bring all the equipment and stuff, but will need a bed, electrical power points and water.

987 DJ and Only Aesthetics customer Germaine Tan getting her Only Home consultation before her treatment at home.

On treatment day, two therapists turn up at my door with two large bags, and masks and face shields in place. They scouted my bedroom and determined the best place to set up, and took less than 15 minutes to get their equipment up and running. I was trying the ONLIFT, a non-surgical facelift that delivers sequential pulses into the skin and helps with issues such as collagen renewal and regeneration, as well as facial shape correction, and ONLIPO, a treatment which uses Multi-Sequential Ultrasound (MSU) technology to breakdown stubborn fats in problem areas such as the abdomen, thigh, under chin, underarm fats, flanks, love handles and even underneath the buttocks.

I put on a gown handed to me by the therapists and laid down on my own bed, which they had covered with towels. So far, so comfortable. It's nice to get a treatment done in your own bedroom instead of at an unfamiliar and sometimes too-cold salon treatment room. I felt bad about the therapist having to almost kneel on the floor as my bed is rather low, but they assured me it was fine for them.

Germaine enjoying her treatment with her doggo in her lap. How much more comfortable can it get?

I'm not stranger to aesthetic treatments, having tried HIFU (High-intensity focused ultrasound) before, and I'm told the ONLIFT is a little like HIFU in that ultrasound energy is sent into the layers of the skin to stimulate collagen production and help you achieve a more V-shaped face. But because ONLIFT uses Multi-Sequential Ultrasound (MSU), which is like a scan that is less focused and intense than the energy used in HIFU, it's less painful than HIFU, which many have said is very painful (and can only be done by a doctor). For me, if HIFU is a 7 out of 10 on the pain scale, ONLIFT is a 3.5 to 4. Most of it is zero pain, as the therapist runs the device over the face, but on areas where the skin is thin, such as the forehead and jawline, there can be an aching pain as the energy penetrates deeper in the skin layers. But it's over quickly, in less than half an hour.

The Only Home aesthetician in our bedroom with her equipment, ready for action.

The ONLIPO treatment uses the same technology, but uses different wavelengths to target fats. I tried it on my underarms to get rid of some stubborn bra fats, and it was completely painless (probably thanks to all the fats, lol). As one therapist worked with the ONLIPO treatment, another one started giving me a quick facial called the Apothecary Slim Face facial, which was so lulling I fell asleep.

When it was all over, the friendly therapists packed up quickly and left. My face was looking very sharp, thanks to the Slim Face facial, which Only Aesthetics treatment specialist Jaz Hor tells me is very popular with ladies who want to look good for important events, as it instantly gives you a sharper jawline and lifted mien, with results lasting two to three days.

The set-up on our bed — minimal but comfortable.

The results for the ONLIFT come in about two weeks later, where you begin to see a more V-shaped face, with results lasting four to six months. It's not as long-lasting as the results for HIFU, which lasts up to 18 months, but it's much cheaper (prices start from $788, with the top-up for at-home service starting from $100). HIFU, on the other hand, can go up to the thousands (average is about $3,000). For me, I did see a sharper jawline after two to three weeks, and am pleased with the results.

As for the ONLIPO (prices start from $788), results aren't that visible with one treatment — I'd probably have to do a few more treatments if I want to really bid adios to my bra fats.

Packed into this bag and another one like this: Everything you need for better skin, a more lifted face or a slimmer silhouette, in the comfort of home.

All in all, I'd say the ONLIFT is worth paying for to do at home, because it's feels so comforting to be able to do something that you may feel anxious about in the safety of home. Only Home offers a host of other aesthetic treatments (basically anything that doesn't require a doctor to perform — so things like Botox, fillers and lasers are out), such as ONLICLEAR to treat acne and acne scars, and ONLIFREEZ, which gets rid of moles, warts, skin tags and keloids using patented cryogenic air.

For more info, go to To book an Only Home appointment, call 8123 7714 or 8361 4868.

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