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Here’s A Make-up Artist’s Best Tip For Looking Good In A Zoom Call, And It’s Got Nothing To Do With Make-up

Easy tips for looking fresh and fab in Zoom meetings from Marc Reagan, Hourglass Global Director of Artistry.

Here’s A Make-up Artist’s Best Tip For Looking Good In A Zoom Call, And It’s Got Nothing To Do With Make-up

First off, not everyone wants to wear a full face of make-up at home, even if you’re in a work Zoom call, and that’s fine. So much has changed since most of us started working from home, and the old ways no longer apply. As long as you look presentable and professional, and well prepped for your meeting, your boss or client isn’t going to wonder why you aren’t wearing lipstick and mascara.

But if make-up is going to help you to feel powered up and ready to crush your stay home work goals, then here are a few tips from celebrity make-up artist and make-up brand Hourglass’ Global Director of Artistry, Marc Reagan.

Hourglass Global Director of Artistry, Marc Reagan with Hourglass Cosmetics ambassador Rosie Huntington-Whiteley.

#1: Always take your video call in good light, whether you’re wearing make-up or not.
Great tip from Marc that has nothing to do with actual make-up. He tells, “Good lighting will always make you appear brighter and more flawless through a Zoom call, and it’s especially important that you have the proper lighting if you are putting effort into your make-up. If you can face a window with your phone or computer in front of you, that is typically the ideal light for a Zoom call.”

#2: Play up your favourite feature with make-up to look good in a Zoom room.
“My recommendation is to play up your favourite feature, whether it is a glowing complexion, lips, or eyes,” says Marc. He recommends some Hourglass products that will make each facial feature pop without you having to be a pro.

For eyes and brows: “Frame the eyes with definition using the Arch Brow Micro Sculpting Pencil to fill in sparse areas of the brow. Apply Aura or Reflect Scattered Light Eye Shadows — both look good on everyone — to add a touch of light reflecting dimension to the eyes. Finish off with some Caution Mascara after curling your lashes, and you have an effortless standout eye.”

For a glowing complexion: “Start with the Ambient Lighting Palette and sweep through all three products with your brush, then dust it across your complexion for a radiant blurred glow. Then take a small powder of blush brush, and use the Incandescent Strobe Light from the palette to intensify the glow on all of the high points of the face. This will give you a soft focus and focused glow even without foundation or concealer.”

For lips and cheeks: “Our Confession Lipstick offers 40 versatile shades of lipstick so you have many options, but most importantly, make sure to pair it with a complementing blush colour. Some of my favourite go-tos are Luminous Flush for a soft pink, Mood Exposure for a neutral tawny shade, and Dim Infusion for a soft coral. These colors work for any lip colours, from Pinks to Corals and most everything in between.”

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Palette, $106

#3: Go for a bright lip. Or not.
“Brighter and bolder colours actually show up better on Zoom calls, but if that’s not in your comfort zone, make sure to at least hydrate your lips”, advises Marc. “Your approach to make-up for video calls should reflect your mood and personal style. Since there isn’t as much detail visible, it allows you to play with the levels of drama for your look.”

#4: Maybe skip the mascara, but not the blusher.
Says Marc, “If you don’t have as full of a lash line to enhance, then focus on eyeliner instead of mascara. The Hourglass 1.5mm Eye Liner is the easiest way to enhance and define the eye shape without mascara. And yes to blusher! I think blusher is one of the most underutilised products. Blushers bring life to the skin and also add dimension and shape to the face.”

#5: The 5 products you need for a quick and easy Zoom look.
“For something quick and easy, I would recommend some lightweight concealer, a highlight, mascara, and a glossy lip, tied together my new obsession – the Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray. It immediately hydrates the skin and adds a blurring effect, so no matter how little makeup you have on (even if it’s none!), it will add radiance and smooth the appearance of your skin. It’s basically a real-life filter, which is perfect for those last-minute Zoom calls.”

Products from Hourglass' popular Veil line, including the new imperfection-blurring Hourglass Veil Soft Focus Setting Spray, $80

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