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Here Are 5 Pics Of Joseph Schooling Looking #LikeABoss

Guess he looks good with his clothes on, too.

Here Are 5 Pics Of Joseph Schooling Looking #LikeABoss
He's used to wearing very little in the pool, but guess Joseph can cut it as a clotheshorse, too.

So Singapore’s top swimmer is now a supermodel, too? Hugo Boss has appointed Joseph Schooling as its first Singapore ambassador, and sealed the deal by releasing these pics of the Singapore sporting icon looking suave and smouldering against other Singapore landmark icons such as the Singapore Flyer and Marina Bay Sands. Clichéd or not, it does confirm that not only is Singapore’s only Olympic gold medallist a winner in the water, he makes a pretty big splash as a fashion model, too. The 22-year-old just became a professional athlete (yes, he was an amateur before — what?!?) and Hugo Boss is his first commercial partner, with more partners to be announced over the coming weeks, now that he’s pro and all. Hugo Boss and Schooling have collaborated on a capsule collection together, and have made a series of short video clips which will drop at the reopening of the Hugo Boss store at MBS on May 25. Wonder there’ll be a T-shirt with butterflies on it (Um, ’cos his pet swimming event is the butterfly? Hur hur).

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