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Do You Need A $1,650 Tin Can From Tiffany & Co?

10 Quirkily Extravagant Gifts For Folks Who Have Everything.

Do You Need A $1,650 Tin Can From Tiffany & Co?
Gotta love Tiffany & Co.’s sense of humour. A tin can, paper plate, pencil sharpener and other everyday objects repurposed into luxury gift items glistening with wit and class? Love it. The storied jeweller’s new Home & Accessories collection is a “take on modern life where creativity and wit collide with the finest materials.” And while no one needs a sterling silver tin can that costs upwards of a thousand bucks, we’re sure plenty of people would want one. Not all of the items in the collection are available in Singapore, but there’s surely a way to get your paws on your heart’s desire, if your heart so desires a ball of yarn made of silver.

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