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Celeb Zoom Meeting: 987 DJ Germaine Tan On Her Boyfriend Living With Her During CB, & What’s In Her Rainbow Tie-Dye LV Bag

Her boyfriend’s parents didn’t get to see him during the Circuit Breaker, but they still love Germaine. Cool or what?

Celeb Zoom Meeting: 987 DJ Germaine Tan On Her Boyfriend Living With Her During CB, & What’s In Her Rainbow Tie-Dye LV Bag

Are you still WFH-ing and Zoom-ing? We sure are, even this deep into Phase 2, and we're carrying on with our 8days.sg Celeb Zoom Meeting interviews 'cos, well, it's kinda really fun to catch up with celebs at home, where they feel comfortable, safe and ready to show us their bedrooms, pets and the contents of their bags.

Guest of honour this time is bubbly 987 DJ Germaine Tan, whom we last interviewed about her $500K Tesla car, which her dad is paying for. Today, the 25-year-old is letting us into her room in the bungalow in the Redhill area she shares with her parents, brother and sister-in-law, boyfriend and four doggies. Yes, her boyfriend has lived with her in her parents’ house for a few years, and no, he didn’t see his parents during the Circuit Breaker. But more on that later.

We’re here to kaypoh into her fab life, ask her what how she survived CB, how Phase 2 has been treating her so far and get some make-up tips, since she always looks IG, Zoom and FaceTime-perfect. Look out for an upper-face make-up tutorial coming up soon (’cos, you know, mask). But first, let’s check out what’s in her super cute pastel tie-dye rainbow Louis Vuitton Escale Neverfull tote bag.

Germaine with her pups in her cavernous bedroom: There are definitely worse places to have spent those Circuit Breaker months.

It’s funny how everyone was really into keeping fit during the CB, but now, not so much.
Yes! (Laughs) Oh, I also got an aerial yoga hammock, let me show you. It’s hanging beside my bed. I used to go for aerial yoga class, but those were cancelled during CB, so I use the hammock sometimes to hang upside down like a monkey. (Laughs) But now that I can go back to class, I guess I can use the hammock to hold things lah! (Laughs)

What were your first thoughts when they announced Phase 2?
When the news came out, I felt very anxious. My heart started to race! Maybe it was social anxiety, ’cos I haven’t socialised for so long that the idea of heading out into the world was like errr…

Swing when you're winning: Who else wants an aerial yoga hammock in their room?

But I see you’ve gone out to do your lashes and nails?
(Laughs) Yes! During the CB, my lash extensions actually lasted more than two months, but many dropped off so after a while, I put facial oil on them and just pulled them out. The lashes will grow back!

Have you been out much?
My family is six people, so we’ve had to stay in for family occasions. During the CB, We actually had dinner together probably 90 per cent of the time, which is new for us, ’cos we are usually in six different places, unless it’s for someone’s birthday or a special occasion. We did get a lot closer as a family.

So your boyfriend is living in your house. Is he from Singapore?
He’s from here! I know, it’s such a weird arrangement and people ask me that all the time, like, “Really ah? Your boyfriend stays with you ah?” And yesterday, my friends were just saying that our parents are very open-minded. But I tell you, my parents love him so much… during CB, he cooked and cooked and cooked for them.

That’s so cute. How long have you two been together?
It’s a long story. We met in secondary school and dated for two years, then broke up. About four years later, in 2017, we kinda reconnected. My dad is incessantly asking us when we are getting married. His parents ask almost every other week, like, “What’s the plan? Do you have a timeline?” But I’m glad we didn’t plan anything for this year man!

The 987 DJ, who's on air from 10am to 2pm on weekdays, Vogue-ing it up for our Zoom photo shoot.

Your boyfriend’s parents are totally okay with him living with you? Even though he couldn’t see them during CB?
I’ve heard horror stories of in-laws, but my boyfriend’s parents are genuinely not one of those. He’s their only child and they love him very intensely, and ’cos they love him, they also love me very intensely. I’m very fortunate they are okay with this. And during CB, they were like, “Please don’t feel bad about not coming over.” On Mother’s Day, we felt really bad, and my boyfriend’s mum said, “Don’t feel bad about it; it’s okay. Just stay home. As long as you guys are happy and healthy, it’s fine.” So we just sent a lot of food over to them lah, like bubble tea and dessert and all that. But I can tell they really missed us, and when we finally went to visit, they were so happy!

They sound amazingly understanding! Some parents may be not so happy.
It’s understandable, totally understandable. I always tell him, “You must call your parents, you know.” With sons, they sometimes don’t really take the initiative to call their parents. (Laughs)

During the CB, did you feel at any point like killing the people you were stuck with?
Legitimately, with my partner, ’cos we were seeing each other almost 24/7, I’m not going to say there were no fights and we didn’t argue. If any couple didn’t argue during CB, please write a book about it so we can learn from you. With my parents, and bro and sis-in-law, it’s really been okay. During dinner, we have a good time and laugh and catch up. It was interesting to see them that much.

Some people have smaller houses and living all together might be a little tougher, but your place is pretty big, right?
Of course, exactly, we all have our own space. Pre-CB, everyone was doing their own thing — I wouldn’t even see my bro for two days sometimes. We go out at different times and don’t even cross paths. I’m thankful every day that we can live in a space that’s big enough for my family.

Germaine gleefully showing us her new Tomme Studio pink Nike basketball bag. She tells us, "I’m always known for having the weirdest bags lah!"

Do you think it’s easier or harder for millennials to stay home? On the one hand, you’re young and want to go out and see your friends and party, but on the other hand, many of you stay connected via devices and social media.
It depends on your personality. With my boyfriend, he loves playing games, so it was prime time for him to enjoy playing games guilt-free. But if you’re someone who’s very active, you have to find other ways to motivate yourself. Imagine if this was 2003 and we were all in isolation at home. I honestly think the mental health of a lot of people would not be able to hold up over such a long period of time. But now, we have FaceTime, Zoom, House Party to play games with your friends. It’s easier to stay connected and sane. But of course, it's not the same as meeting in person and having that physical connection.

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