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Affordable Soaps And Shower Gels From $11 That Bring Luxury Fragrance To Your Daily Routine

How to enjoy the fragrance of luxury soaps without the price tag.

Affordable Soaps And Shower Gels From $11 That Bring Luxury Fragrance To Your Daily Routine

Bath time is sacred. No matter how long – or short – you take, that period of time in the shower can make or fix your day, which is why the soap you use matters. And as much as we love the likes of Aesop and L’Occitane, no one should be spending a small country's GDP on soap. But if like us, you like the best things in life but also don’t want to send your bank accounts into a soapy spiral, we have for you the finest soaps that exude the very essence of luxury – all while keeping both your skin pH levels and your budget in perfect harmony.

EO Lavender Shower Gel Body Wash, $37.38 for two

If it doesn’t smell like a spa in the shower then it’s not it. The lavender is super potent in this one so if you like your shower time to be soothing and relaxing, the EO Shower Gel Body Wash which is enriched with pure essential oils and organic plant-based ingredients is worth your buck.

Cremo Rich-Lathering Palo Santo (Reserve Collection) Body Wash, $32.16 for two

I admit, I love to gatekeep the good stuff sometimes – which pains me to share this piece of treasure. The Palo Santo Cremo body wash is a sophisticated scent elevated with warm and comforting cardamom. If you don’t know what Palo Santo is, it is a type of wood used in South America for traditional remedies – and it smells woody and sweet with a scent of citrus. Trust me, you’ll smell expensive, even if you have $7 in your bank account and payday is still two weeks away. Plus, $30 for the price of two bottles? That’s pretty money-saving to me.

Sukin Botanical Body Wash Ylang Ylang & Cedar, $17.60

For those with sensitive skin (and still want to smell luxe), the Sukin brand is well-trusted. The body wash comes in a range of scents, the Ylang Ylang and Cedar is calming and luxurious at the same time. 

A clean body wash by Frank Body, $26.61

Known for their equally amazing-smelling coffee body scrub, Frank Body takes bath time quite seriously. The clean body wash is infused with Kakadu plum, pomegranate and coffee seed extract and perfect for a perk up especially when you’ve been out and about in this balmy weather. 

Method Men Sea + Surf Body Wash, $11.35

Don’t blow off this supermarket brand just yet – the Men’s range of shower gels have been quite impressive. The Sea + Surf wash is herbaceous and crisp, kinda like you just had a quick dip in the ocean (the nice kind, not East Coast beach).

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