9 Things To Know About The Dyson Corrale, Dyson’s New Hair Straightener

Launch date in SG is TBC.

Last week, Dyson announced to great fanfare that it was launching its third uber high-tech hair tool, and it’s a *drumroll* hair straightener, which also doubles up as a curler. With the phenomenal success of its Supersonic hairdryer and Airwrap hairstyler, we have no doubt this new piece of Dyson-flavoured super-engineering will fly off the shelves, especially since hair straightening is possibly even more popular than hair curling. It’s already launched in the US, and retails for US$499.99 (S$713.50). The price and launch date in Singapore is yet to be announced, though we’re sure it will be very soon. Meanwhile, here’s what you need to know about the new must-have hair gizmo.

#1: It’s the only hair straightener with flexing plate technology.
This is the top USP of the Corrale, that instead of using two rigid flat plates to straighten hair, they’ve employed a corralling plate technology (hence the name), which looks like a series of flexible metal ‘teeth’ which grip sections of hair to straighten it. The result is a plate which conforms to the shape of the hair and is able to straighten it with less heat.

dyson corrale 4 data
The Dyson Corrale's flexing plate technology means it can straighten hair with less heat damage.

#2: It promises less heat damage.
Less heat used means less heat damage means healthier and happier hair.

#3: It’s cord-free.
The battery life is about 30 mins when the device is being used cord-free. Doesn’t a cord-free hair straightener make so much sense? There’ve been some initial meh reviews about the battery life in the US, with some YouTubers saying they need more than half an hour to style especially thick or curly hair. Guess you can always just plug in the cord and take all the time you need.

#4: There are three heat settings.
If you don’t need a super-high heat setting, like if your hair is relatively fine, set it at the lowest heat, which is 165°C. the other two settings are 185°C and 210°C. The device also has Intelligent Heat Control, which measures the temperature 100 times a second to deliver precise heat with less chance of over-heating and heat damage.

dyson corrale 3
The new Dyson Corrale is here to disrupt the world of hairstyling... again.

#5: There is a chio ergonomic magnetic charging dock.

But of course. What’s a Dyson product without covetable style and design?

#6: It comes in two colours.
Black Nickel/Fushcia (classic Dyson colours, can’t go wrong) and Purple/Black (refreshing!).
dyson corrale colours
Black Nickel/Fushcia or Purple/Black? 

#7: It’s a product 10 years in the making.

Aren’t all of Dyson’s products the results of years and years and sometimes decades of engineering, research, science and perfection? The Corrale is no different. Apparently, an investment of over £100m went into this, as well as the work of thousands of hair scientists, engineers and professionals across the globe.

#8: You only need one ‘pass’.
Thanks to the Corrale's flexing technology, all the hair strands — including flyaways — can easily be collected between the two plates. Unlike with traditional flat plates where often, only the hair in the middle of the straightener get good heat, and the strands at either end fall by the wayside, the Corrale is able to straighten all the hair between the plates with consistent heat, which means you can get a good straighten with only one pass of the device. So there’s less heat damage, ’cos you only have to treat each section of hair once.

dyson corrale 2 data
Is it going to be worth the no-doubt luxurious price tag when it launches in Singapore? We will bring you a review soon. 

#9: You can expect smoother and silkier straight hair.

Early reviews for the Corrale raved about how shiny and smooth the styled hair was. The reduced heat damage definitely helps to eradicate dryness and frizz. The straight hair also lasted longer through the day. 

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