5 Things That You Forget To Do When You Work From Home

Who else feels these consequences of WFH?

As the pandemic and WFH days drag on, many of us who are still working from home have settled into a new routine, which means our old ways are being forgotten. Lunch hour, what’s that? Seeing your colleagues in the flesh? Woah, alien concept. Here are 5 possibly negative habits you may have slid into — we know we’re guilty for sure.

1.       I forget to drink enough water.

In the office, walking to the pantry or water cooler is a good break and a great excuse to have a chat and catch up on gossip with your co-workers, but without a water cooler or colleagues, trips to the kitchen to pour yourself a glass of water just isn’t as fun. So you forget, or neglect, to do that. Don’t. Make sure you get your 8 glasses a day to keep your body in tiptop shape.

2.       I forget to put sunblock.

Actually, don’t even talk about sunblock, sometimes I forget to wash my face or brush my teeth. Yeah, gross, but when your usual routine gets dashed to pieces, you sometimes forget some of the steps along the way. And sunblock is one of those things people consciously skip when they work from home, ’cos you’re home, right, put sunblock for what? But guess what? UV rays creep in through windows and cause skin ageing and damage. Six months without sunblock at home? Hello, pigmentation, dark spots and premature ageing. Lesson: Don’t skip the sunscreen. And remember to brush your teeth, too.

3.       I forget to wear a bra.

No need to dress up means no need to wear bra, right? And who’s going to see, anyway? Most Zoom screens cut you off just above the chest. Just like no one would know you’re not wearing pants, no one would know you’re not wearing a bra. But would months of letting things hang loose cause problems, especially if you’re more well-endowed? Experts have warned of saggy breasts and back pains after prolonged periods where there is a lack of support, particularly for those with heavier chests. One thing’s for sure — if you’re exercising, wear a bra. If you’re Zooming or Netflixing, well, maybe wear a bra sometimes.

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Working from home has required a huge shift in mindset for many, and some things have been lost and forgotten along the way. Look out for unhealthy habits and mindsets, and make positive changes. 

4.       I forget to eat.

How many meals have you skipped, especially if you live alone or are WFH-ing alone at home? No colleagues to have lunch with means skipping lunch or cobbling together whatever is in your fridge for a quick and easy meal — peanut butter and ham sandwich and snowskin mooncakes for lunch, anyone? Of course, it’s recommended you stick to proper mealtimes and a balanced diet, even if it means meal prep the day before or food delivery. And take your one hour lunch break — you’ve earned it.

5.       I forget how many hours I’ve worked.

It used to be 9 to 5. But now, with personal and work life blurring into one giant mixed up cloud, and family members getting in the way, it’s hard to know how much I’m working. Someone advised, “Keep track when you’re working of how many hours you’ve worked.” Another said, “No need to count, as long as you finish your work, you’re good. The extra time is yours to use.” It really is hard to tell how hard I’m working, or not working. It’s currently midnight. I’m still writing. Is it ’cos I spent two hours on K-drama this afternoon? I can’t tell anymore. Help.

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