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4 Ways To Feel Like You're On Holiday Every Day

Tip No. 1: Have a good breakfast. The designer of local Cruise label Yacht 21 has more ways to extend that vacation vibe.

4 Ways To Feel Like You're On Holiday Every Day

We love this great tip from Jaren Ho, designer of homegrown fashion label Yacht 21 on how to feel like you’re on vacation every single day. Says the 34-year-old, “When you’re on holiday, you have time for breakfast, and you look forward to a nice hotel breakfast. To recall that holiday mood when you’re at home, make time to have a slow breakfast, and make it a good breakfast. It really helps you to start the day right.” FYI, people, Yacht 21’s slogan is “Everyday’s a Holiday”, and the seven-year-old brand basically has a year-round Cruise Collection. Jaren tells us, “I realised big brands have Cruise collections and Resort collections. I thought, ‘What if we extended that collection to a whole year, since we have summer all year around?’ People didn’t get it. They said, ‘Oh, so you sell sailor clothes ah? Striped clothes?’ In 2009, customers were not quite ready, but now, there is a trend towards casual clothing and clothes you can easily bring on holiday.”

Jaren is wearing the Yacht 21 Piav Striped Strappy Slip-On Dress, $69.90

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