Uniqlo Is Launching Its AIRism Bedsheets In Singapore & We Had A First Feel

So cool, literally. 

Two years after Uniqlo launched its AIRism bedding goods in Japan, they are finally going to be available in Singapore. Using AIRism technology which regulates the air under clothing, releasing heat and humidity, the bedding promises to cool the skin and body and make for a more comfy night's sleep, especially if you don't use air-con. got a first look, or rather, a first feel, of the new goods, and it feels extremely silky-smooth, soft and cool to the touch. We imagine that sleeping in these would be like being wrapped in fluffy clouds which wick away sweat throughout the night. Your pillow would stay cool without you having to flip it around when things get hot and sticky. When will this heavenly yet affordable bedding be available? You'll have to wait till April 1.

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The AIRism bedsheets come in four colours and are $49.90-$59.90. Singapore is the first country in Southeast Asia to be blessed with the bedding, yay.

The AIRism bedding goods include bedsheets (Single $49.90, Semi-double $59.90, Double $59.90) and pillow covers (Medium and Large, $12.90 each). The bedsheets and pillow covers are sold separately and come in four different colours — white, grey, light pink and black.  

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Like sleeping on clouds? The AIRism bedsheets are soft, silky and cool to the touch. Will they give you a better night's sleep and help you wake up rejuvenated? You'll have to try it for yourself come April 1, when they launch. 

If you're a fan of Uniqlo's AIRism products, these bedsheets and pillow covers are a must-try. Unfortunately, Queen and King size bedsheets are not available at the moment, but we're hoping they make an appearance soon. In Japan, comforter covers are also available, and though they won't yet be available in Singapore with this initial launch, we're sure they'll eventually make it to our beds, blessing us with a mochi-soft and cool night's sleep. Can't wait! 

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Uniqlo's signature minimalist style and AIRism technology in action in the new AIRism pillow covers in black, $12.90. 


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