We’ve seen our fair share of Muji-themed homes, even futuristic sci-fi-esque ones. But mahjong-themed homes? Now that’s a first.

Two local interior design firms, Studio CS and Space Envision, have imagined what a home of a true mahjong lover would be like, posting photos of two mahjong-themed flats on their respective Facebook pages. Just in time for CNY, perhaps? Granted, these are 3D renders (for now), but we reckon it could provide some inspiration for the mahjong-obsessed among us.

Studio CS’ mahjong home 
Here's a contemporary take on the age-old game. 

mj a 1
Why have a dining table when you can have a mahjong table? The cheeky English translations of mahjong terms (get your mind out the gutter — ‘touch myself’ is ‘zi mo’) and winning combinations may also be helpful for noobs who still can’t grasp the rules. Win-win.

mj a 3
Nothing screams ‘I love mahjong’ like a huge feature wall in your living room, okay?

mj a 4
How huat is this foyer area?

mj a 2
Things are a little more subtle in the bedroom, with Chinese-themed touches on the wardrobe.

Space Envision’s mahjong home

This home, which appears to be a project at the Northshore BTO in Punggol, is an elegant take on the theme.

mj b 1 data
Converting a bedroom into a full-fledged MJ room, complete with cool neon signs, isn’t a bad idea if you’re a true-blue MJ fan.

mj b 5
An open-concept mahjong room.

mj b 3
You’ll only see hints of the room from the living area.

mj b 2
The rest of the flat is decidedly more muted.

mj b 4
Dining and kitchen areas.

Photos: Facebook/Studio CS and Space Envision