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Sandwich Makers To Elevate Your Snack Game — Make Your Own Gourmet Masterpiece Inspired By ‘The Bear’

Make your ‘wiche come true.
Sandwich Makers To Elevate Your Snack Game — Make Your Own Gourmet Masterpiece Inspired By ‘The Bear’
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So you’ve watched a season of The Bear and is now convinced that you can be just as skillful in the kitchen. The premise of the chaotic TV drama revolves around a young chef from the fine dining world who comes home to Chicago to run his family sandwich shop after a death in his family.  

Now into its second season (available on Disney+), the show has captivated plenty of audiences around the world with its fiery characters and of course, the food. After all, the beef sandwich at the heart of the show is just a sandwich, right? Even though there’s a brisket that takes about three hours to prep, and a giardiniera that requires pickling – but that’s okay.  

The best part about making a sandwich is that you can pretty much put together anything between two slices of bread and let the magic happen. However, a hot sandwich is always better than a cold goopy one, and we have just the suggestions for you to get started on this sandwich journey.  

Rommelsbacher Sandwich Maker, $43.88 

Remember childhood picnics when your mum would put leftovers into sandwiches and toast it? Now you can yourself – with your own choice of ingredients, of course. This sandwich press seals the sides of the sandwich so all the ingredients are packed in securely if you hate messy experiences. 

Rommelsbacher Sandwich Maker, $43.88. Buy it on Amazon 

Yoshikawa Hot Sandwich Maker, $22.72 

This nifty and portable press can be used on open fire so you can even pack it for outdoor camping or cooking. It is also non-stick which makes for easy cleaning whenever you use it.  

Yoshikawa Hot Sandwich Maker, $22.72. Buy it on Amazon 

Mickey Mouse Sandwich Maker, $37.45 

If you’re making sandwiches for yourself, why not make them cute? Get Mickey Mouse stamped on all your creations – there are also other options like Doraemon, Snoopy and Winnie the Pooh

Mickey Mouse Sandwich Maker, $37.45. Buy it on Amazon 

Breville Sandwich/Panini Press and Toastie Maker, $131.01 

Feeling a little fancy and want to make gourmet sandwiches? Then your sandwiches need to look the part. This panini press not only adds some texture to your sandwiches but flatten them enough to make it easier to eat whether you’re on-the-go or packing them for lunch at the office. Plus it’s big enough to fit more than one sandwich for grilling. The more the merrier! 

Breville Sandwich/Panini Press and Toastie Maker, $131.01. Buy it on Amazon 

Of course, if you’re interested in levelling up and making your own pulled pork or cheese steak then you might need some more appliances to help with the process.  

Smokeless Grill Pan, $80 

Do it old school and grill your sandwiches on the pan directly. Fast-heating and non-stick, you can have your grilled cheeses ready in a jiffy.  

Smokeless Grill Pan, $80. Buy it on The Wonder Shop 

14-in-1 Pressure Cooker, $179.90 

From tender brisket to pulled meat sandwiches, you can make your own fillings for your sandwiches – and it doesn’t have to take over three hours. Cooking with a pressure cooker lessens the cooking time on complicated recipes.  

14-in-1 Pressure Cooker, $179.90. Buy it on The Wonder Shop 
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