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“Freaks Me Out, But It’s Working!”: Jean Danker Tries Bug Catcher For Lizards, Cockroaches & Other Insects — Here’s Where To Buy It

Plus, other handheld bug catchers, including automated ones, that online reviewers swear by.


If your home descends into chaos whenever a cockroach, lizard or other bugs make an appearance, put down that Baygon and sit up and listen. 

There are bug catchers that you can buy so you don’t have to deal with the offending pest with your bare hands or makeshift tools like disposable utensils or newspapers.

Jean Danker recently tried out a bug catching device, and the Class 95 jock duked it out with creepy crawlies with a catch-and-release gadget that has a long handle and trapper with bristles to pick up bugs. Okay, so they were fake critters that Jean was screaming at, but the results were real, okay?

In the first round, she tries picking up fake bugs from a couch. Easy peasy, since they weren’t moving. 

Next, she tries catching them mid-air as they’re hurled at her, and she succeeds. Maybe screaming helped. “It’s fake, but it freaks me out! But it’s working!” she exclaimed.

Her final verdict? “I think this works amazingly, although I think your insects might have to be sleeping, dead or drunk. But I think it’s a yay from me.”

The bug catcher that Jean tested out is available on Shopee for $9.90. It has a 60cm-long handle, and the squeeze-and-release handle gives you the option of humanely catching and releasing the critters if you don’t wish to kill them. The Shopee option comes in only a bright lime green colour.

Not your colour? More options are available at Amazon, including pink and a camouflage design, though it comes with a higher price tag (from $33).

My Critter Catcher, from $33.64. Buy it at Amazon

But not all bug catchers are made equal — there are other options that come with a plethora of functions, from motorised ones to rotating contraptions. Scroll on for more bug catchers to buy.

For something a little more secure: Handheld bug vacuum with light

This nifty doodad comes with a suction that lets you suck bugs into a transparent tube, then release it elsewhere outside your home. Keeping them in the tube is definitely more secure than letting them hang loose among bristles. There’s an attached torchlight to help you easily spot those buggers in dark crevices. It measures about 43.4cm (compared to the 60cm-long handle on the device that Jean tested out), so you do have to get closer to your target in to successfully nab them.

Handheld bug vacuum with light, $29.87. Buy it at Amazon

For more distance between you and the bugs: Bug Arrest bug catcher

The Bug Arrest bug catcher has an extendable rod (up to 85cm), and the bug catching head rotates 180 degrees for better coverage. But the best part about this is that it uses a suction vacuum to capture critters, which are stored in a transparent container. Operates on three AA batteries.

Bug Arrest Bug Catcher, $58.67. Buy it at Amazon

For a multi-purpose device: USB Rechargeable Bug Vacuum Catcher

This lightweight handheld vacuum can be used not just to eliminate bugs, but also to clean up debris on your desk or car interiors, and even picks up pet fur. Comes with a brush nozzle and a flat nozzle for multi-purpose cleaning. 

USB Rechargeable Bug Vacuum Catcher, $41.87. Buy it at Amazon

Watch how Jean’s takedown of (faux) bugs went:

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