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Instant Noodle Mops Exist, But They're Not For Everyone

And we don’t just mean folks on a low-carb diet.

Instant Noodle Mops Exist, But They're Not For Everyone

Cup noodles aren’t just good for a quick meal — they’re also good for household chores. Come again?

The folks at Nissin have churned out supersized Cup Noodle mops — complete with all the ingredients too. The only thing that’s missing? The, er, soup which we presume is the mess that you’ll be mopping up with this industrial-sized doodad.

The quirky mops are made to look like a spilled cup of instant noodles, with the mop head resembling giant noodle strands topped with supersized chunks those oh-so-familiar toppings (yup, mystery meat included).
The mops were first spotted during a basketball tournament in Japan recently — Nissin, which makes Cup Noodles, was a sponsor — where the staff whipped out these mops to clean the players’ perspiration off the floor during the games.
However, fans of cup noodles will be disappointed to know that while Nissin does hawk kooky instant ramen-inspired merch, from bags and keychains to phone covers and humidifiers, these cute cup noodles mops aren’t for sale. For now.

Photos: Instagram/cupnoodle_jp

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