Ikea Japan wants to show you that you only need small spaces to — get your mind out of the gutter — flaunt the space-saving solutions available at its stores.

To do that, the Swedish furniture giant is renting out a 10sqm (107 sqft) tiny home in Shinjuku for just 99 yen (S$1.20) a month. Yes, the monthly rent for this miniscule apartment in the heart of Tokyo is cheaper than a cup of bubble tea.

Only one unit is available, and the apartment will be rented out until Jan 15, 2023. The rent does not cover utilities bills. Applications are closing today (Dec 3), but there’s no stopping you from taking a closer look at this tiny apartment.

The tiny home is of course fully furnished with Ikea furniture and accessories, illustrating Ikea’s incredible space-saving solutions, which presumably is the whole point of this campaign.

Here's what the space looked like before.


02a before 2

According to Ikea Japan’s website, one of the key things to working in a small room is to maximise the vertical space.
02 ikea japan tiny home top down data

The apartment’s high ceilings accommodates a mezzanine level that’s been allocated as the sleeping space.
03 ikea japan tiny home loft bed data

Meanwhile, the main area on the lower level fits the living and dining space and even a laundry corner. It's furnished with well-planned storage solutions, like an adjustable shelving system to suit different spaces, even tiny ones.
04 tiny home downstairs

Multi-purpose furniture is also key in tiny home living. The drop-leaf table doubles up as a desk for WFH days (above) but is also extendable to a table for two or even three (below) for extremely cosy house gatherings.
05 ikea japan tiny home desk data

A one-seater sofa bed tucked in the corner means that sleepovers are possible — even in small spaces.
06 ikea japan tiny home sofa data

Photos: Ikea Japan