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These Home Furnishings & Appliances Can Double Up As Art — Get These Statement Pieces To Wow Your Guests

When art isn't just art.

These Home Furnishings & Appliances Can Double Up As Art — Get These Statement Pieces To Wow Your Guests

Displaying art at home doesn’t just have to be a photo gallery wall or canvas art pieces that you hang on the wall space. There are unconventional ways to incorporate art into your home decor, and you don’t even need an empty wall. Sometimes all you need is a window... or a refrigerator.

Scroll on for new, fun and unexpected ways to incorporate art into your home.


Samsung Bespoke refrigerators

Art on the refrigerator
Art on the wall is cool, but art on the fridge is even cooler — in more ways than one. Homeowners with open-concept kitchens (and there are quite a number of you out there) may find themselves in a bind, trying to find a refrigerator that blends in with the kitchen design. 

But if you can't hide it, why not flaunt it and turn it into a design feature? Samsung has launched a range of bespoke refrigerators that allow for customisation of colours and designs using custom art decals on the fridge door panels. Its latest Bespoke Creators Collection features six designs from local artists and contest winners that range from abstract to whimsical. To suit your tastes or interior style, there’s also the option to further personalise your fridge with your own original artwork on the decals for the panels on the range that runs the gamut from a one-door fridge, a four-door flex refrigerators to any permutation that you want.  
Prices for the Samsung Bespoke Creators Collection start at $4,778; available on the Samsung online store and selected consumer electronics retailers.

Ziptrak Interior from Durablinds

Art on window blinds
Turning your window blinds into a work of art, literally, adds pizzazz into your home interiors without sacrificing wall space. Ziptrak, the Australian makers of the track-guided blind system for outdoors, has just launched its interior range. The sleek streamlined design of Ziptrak Interior (look ma, no cords!) would fit just about any home interior style.

But if you’re looking to add a personalised unique touch to your blinds, read on. To celebrate the launch on our sunny shores, local distributor Durablinds has tied up with homegrown artist Nadirah ‘Inkten’ Razak, one half of visual artist duo Ink & Clog, to create a statement-making design for Ziptrak Interior blinds.

Like its outdoor range, Ziptrak interior blinds come with a plethora of customisation possibilities — these include fabric choice, automated or manual options, and more. Of course, prices vary largely according to the final custom product. As a guide, manual Ziptrak Interior blinds using the fabrics and frames from the essential range with installation will cost $1,155 without custom print on a typical HDB window (measures 2100mm x 1200mm). More info here.

Art to hide the DB box
Most HDB homeowners would have faced this conundrum before: To hide or not to hide the unsightly DB box? Short for distributor board, the DB box is the electrical supply component usually found right next to the home entrance. Some folks choose to conceal it with fancy wall panels or build carpentry around it. But what if you don’t have the option or budget to do that?

No prizes for guessing what we’re about to suggest. Yes, you can use art to hide the DB box in plain sight, but it's not just about hanging a painting over it. You’ll need a contraption that fully hides the bulky doodad while still allowing easy access to the DB box when the need arises.

Custom DB box covers are aplenty on Taobao, and these come with sliding or pull-out panels disguised as artwork to allow you to reach the DB box easily. They’re an inexpensive way to conceal the unsightly DB box, but there are a few considerations to note.

Search for ‘电表箱装饰画' (dian biao xiang zhuang shi hua) and choose from one of the many designs. You’ll need to contact the sellers to customise it according to our local dimensions — DB boxes in homes in China tend to be a lot slimmer than those in Singapore. Once you’ve successfully placed your order, you can either ship it direct with Taobao’s logistics arm, Cainiao, or go through one of the many third-party freight forwarders who'll do the work for you. Prices from 250yuan (S$52); available here.

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