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A Guide To Crafting the Ultimate Grazing or Cheese Platter – According To The Experts

Be the hostess with the mostest at gatherings when you nail how to create the perfect grazing platter.

A Guide To Crafting the Ultimate Grazing or Cheese Platter – According To The Experts
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Crafting a grazing or cheese platter isn’t just about throwing cheese and other ingredients on the cheese board – there is an art to it, especially a picture-perfect one. There are so many elements to it  – a variety of cheeses, cured meats, olives, herbs, fruits, crackers and more jostle for attention on a probably handcrafted wooden board. To be honest, it's a task that requires the precision of a surgeon, the creativity of a modern art curator, and the restraint of a dog left alone with a plate of bacon to create a grazing platter – which is why we had to consult the professionals. 

So gather 'round, all you grazing enthusiasts and charcuterie champions, as we embark on a journey to arrange food in a way that says, 'I didn't cook this, but I sure as hell made it look irresistible.'

What makes a good platter?

Wynona Leach is the founder of Lush Platters, Singapore's first grazing business that started in 2018 and her idea of a good grazing platter is that it has to be attention-grabbing with fresh, colourful, and artfully arranged food. To elevate the platter she suggests artisanal cheeses and top-tier cured meats to add a hint of luxury. 

“The magic lies in striking the perfect balance between flavours, textures, and aesthetics,” she adds.

Siti Khadijah Ismail from Nomad’s Soiree, the first halal grazing platter company loves to get playful and will switch it up according to the crowd. 

“For example, a grazing platter for a group of young adults should include much more adventurous ingredients and flavours whereas one for a themed party should have ingredients, colours and props that go in hand with it,” she says.

At the heart of it, creating a great platter is nothing without people enjoying it. Pearl Chan, co-founder and owner of The Plattering Co. says that seeing the end result and enjoying it with good company is her favourite part of the job. 

Tips and tricks to creating a good platter, according to Wynona Leach of Lush Platters

1. Ingredients: A diverse selection of fresh and high-quality ingredients that complement each other is the foundation of creating an appealing and delicious platter. This ensures a range of flavours, textures and colours that work well together to entice and satisfy your guests.

8 Days tip: For fresh ingredients, shopping on Amazon Fresh means you get your ingredients delivered to your door on the same day. No more last-minute panicking when it comes to hosting! Gourmet grocers Little Farms are also on Amazon Fresh and the deli section is where you can find all the things you need for a grazing platter from dips to meats.

2. Preparation: Ensuring efficient preparation is important. This minimises the time the platter is left out and prevents excessive handling of ingredients. Pre-cut firm cheeses and crudites, wash and thoroughly dry fruit, and have dips prepped and meats sliced in advance.

3. Arrangement: Begin by arranging the larger items, such as bunches of grapes, strawberries, cheeses, and crackers. Also, position items in cups or bowls, like dips and olives, leaving space for the meats.

4. Layering: Integrate meats into the platter, utilising gaps you've left. Gradually incorporate smaller elements like berries and nuts, building depth and complexity.

5. Composition: As you assemble the platter, consider the interplay of colours, shapes, and sizes. Ensure that similar items are thoughtfully distributed, avoiding clustering, and maintaining a harmonious visual flow.

6. Personalised touch: Introduce uniqueness by including handmade or exclusive items. At Lush Platters, we take this to heart. Our in-house creations include crackers, dips, roasted nuts, chocolates, and handcrafted edible garnishes, contributing a distinctive and personal touch to the platter.

Create your own platter at home

Now that we’ve heard from the experts, let’s start creating our own board – but first, you need the tools. 

Authchef Bamboo Cheese Board and Knife Set, $24.99

The smaller round board is great for practice (comes with knives!) or if you’re not planning to host big groups yet. Switch up your TV bag of chips to a more appetising and wholesome mini grazing platter to keep things interesting.

Acacia Wood Cheese Serving Board with White Marble Board & Cheese Knife, $27.86

Another mini-board that looks great is this oval-shaped board which comes with a marble slab. 

ImpiriLux Charcuterie Board Set, $53.16

If you’re worried about the arranging part, this starter board actually comes with pockets of space at the side so you can choose to put a particular ingredient in those pockets like nuts or dips. Knives are also included in the set so you don’t have to spend more. This board is also double-sided so you can play around with space.

Godinger White Marble Serving Tray, $34.38

Looking for something more luxe-looking? Though it doesn’t come with knives or dipping bowls, this large marble board with beautiful gold trimming might be perfect for a bougie event.

The Bamboo Abode 10-Piece Cheese and Charcuterie Board Set, $80.37

For a more minimal and modern look, this round platter also comes with knives and dipping bowls. Just imagine how pretty the flat-lay pictures will turn out with this board, eh?

Rotating Organizer Tray Disc Grazing Tray, $88.75

Pull out all the stops with this large grazing platter that also rotates. If you regularly host dinners and parties for more than five people, this would make for a great statement grazing platter. 

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