Dyson Launches Another Vacuum Cleaner, The Dyson Digital Slim, And It’s Their Tiniest Dust Buster Yet

The Digital Slim, designed for Asian households, is Dyson's smallest and lightest vacuum ever. Do you need it?

In June, Dyson launched the V8 Slim, which, at 2.15kg, was hailed as their lightest and cheapest vacuum cleaner yet. Fast forward two months, and the disruptive tech giant has managed to miraculously shave 0.25kg off their latest cord-free machine, as the new Digital Slim weighs in at 1.9kg. 250 grams may not seem like much, but if you’re going to be dust-busting for 40 minutes, it may add up.

Also, it’s not just about the weight. The wand of the Digital Slim is 15 per cent shorter and 6.3 mm thinner than the Dyson V11 series, and it’s made with Asian owners in mind. That means it’s very good for short, I mean petite, people like me. Basically, the new vacuum cleaner is 20 per cent smaller and 30 per cent lighter, a feat they achieved by doing things like building the machine in one piece, reducing the need for seals and rivets.

dyson digital slim 2 data
The Dyson Digital Slim is designed with a shorter wand and is smaller and lighter, to complement those with a smaller physique. 

Of course, true to Dyson’s super-technology, there is no compromise in suction power, despite the size reduction. The Digital Slim, powered by the new Dyson Hyperdymium motor, will suck up all the nasties under your sofa and bed and then some, since they’ve also tweaked the machine and redesigned the cleaner head (which is 40 per cent lighter) for superior fine dust pick-up from hard floors (because Asian homes usually don’t have carpets), and improved the dust pick-up from room edges and made the cleaner head smaller so it can squeeze into tighter spaces (again, Asian homes).

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The Digital Slim has a soft roller cleaner head that is 40% lighter, with a 20% lower profile, as compared to the V11. 

Other changes include improved dirt ejection and ease of cleaning of the machine, and the return of the LCD screen telling you how much battery time you have left (a function left out of the cheaper V8 Slim). Also, the battery is now removable, which means you have the option of buying a separate battery and switching to that if you run out of juice halfway through a very, very long vacuuming sesh (the Digital Slim has a 40 minute run time).

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Which Dyson dust-buster is right for you? It all depends on your needs and your budget. Read our reviews of the other machines to decide. 

As for pricing, it’s not as cheap as the entry-level V8 Slim, which is $549 ($599 for the model with the extra tools). The new Digital Slim is $749 for the Dyson Digital Slim Fluffy Extra and $849 for the Dyson Digital Slim Fluffy Pro. So do you need this? We say yes, if you’re looking for a vacuum cleaner made for Asian homes and smaller-sized Asian owners with no compromise in power. If budget is more of a concern, go or the V8 Slim. Read our review of that here. And if price is no issue and you have certain needs, such as pets in your home or household members with allergies, go for the V11 Absolute, their high-end $999 model. Happy dust-busting!

The Dyson Digital Slim vacuum is available at and Dyson stores.


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